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locotestJune 14, 2012

Can anyone help with ID of the model number of this electric range, the top oven on the glass says custom crafted Hotpoint Hallmark and it has a cooktop with a top and bottom oven. The only ID tag I could find was on the left frame of the top oven which has a catalog number and a serial number but no model number. Most online parts sites want a model number to get parts so I'm stuck, HELP!

P.S. the ID tag catalog number is 107RHW 556J

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You probably will not find anything in regular commercial or retail channels directly linked to a 50 year old low volume pricy range. Best plan would be to find modern parts that are close to what you need in form, function, and wattage and try to work backwards to the oldest parts they replace that you can find. People on the internet who rebuild old ranges might be able to help.

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I googled Hotpoint Hallmark and found several avenues you could pursue. First, the link below is to a company that repairs antique ranges. It's probably worth your while to find out what they could do for you. It might end up being easier and less expensive than doing it on your own. Second, on Ebay there are people who specialize in appliance manuals and cookbooks from that era. Perhaps you could contact them to see if they have anything that matches your range. Third, there are a number of HH ranges for resale on various sites on the web. You should check those to see of if any match yours.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique range repairs

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Check out this range, it appears very similar to yours.

Here is a link that might be useful: Your range?

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I think I found it! The picture in this Hotpoint ad matches yours and it gives the model number.

Here is a link that might be useful: HOTPOINT-HALLMARK-RHV-786-ELECTRIC-RANGE

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Did you look for a tag around the frame of the lower storage drawer?

What part(s) are you needing? Hotpoint pretty much = GE.

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I can't help--but wanted to say--that is vintage cool!

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