help me with DH! He says Miiele Speed oven shouldn't go in island

secondhalfJune 8, 2012

Hi everyone -I thought my kitchen plan was done and my appliances picked. And now my husband is cautioning that the Miele Master chef in the island will be a royal pain- he does use the microwave to heat coffee and he's sure it's going to make him nuts. But there really is NO good place for a wall oven cabinet....

I really don't want to spend 700 on a sharp drawer and take up more space when the microwave aspect of the Miele is such a great solution. He told me to check with you guys (I talk about you gurus a lot) and find out if he's right- is the speed oven under counter a bad idea if you're using it A LOT as a microwave?

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My Miele speed oven is install in my kitchen island. Its about 19.5 to 37.5 inches, measuring up from the floor.

I'm fine with it, but it does require squatting down to look inside the oven, or read the display carefully (poking through the MasterChef menus, etc.). Just punching in 30 second increments of microwave power is simpler; you just reach down. Maybe when I'm older I'll regret this.

Not clear of the exact height of your oven, as you plan to install it. If mine were placed under a normal 36" kitchen counter, it would be a few inches lower.

Might be best to paste up a mock-up oven (out of paper) in the assigned position, and play around with looking inside, reading menus, or poking at buttons.

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If you are 5' tall or shorter, little squatting will be required. Those 5' 6-8" or taller will have to bend or squat to use it, especially the LCD display. You should see if there are any stores with a display unit that is installed that low to simulate it. And remember, if it's slightly uncomfortable in the store, it will become increasingly exasperating when you live with it.

Microwave drawers are often made with tilted displays and obviously the drawer aspect makes it much easier to use than reaching into a low-mounted oven.

That said, tens of thousands of people use professional-style ranges with very low ovens. They should be able to share their thoughts on low-mounted ovens.


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Haven't lived with it yet, we take possession of the house next Friday....but that is where ours is. The steam oven is in the island as well. Ignore that ugly white receptacle which will soon be changed to blend in...

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well, i put my turbo chef speed oven under counter in the island but it's an oven and not a microwave. i'm with your husband on this one. i would hate to have to squat and bend every time i went to use the microwave. kind of defeats the purpose of the convenience that a microwave is supposed to provide.

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As others have said, not a good idea. DH will be unhappy every single time he has to use it, if it's below counter level in the island.

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Thanks everyone for your help on the Miele in the island. I feel quite proud that I had the same idea as Beekeeperswife and I think it's perfect...but you are all right. If my DH is inconvenienced every time he uses it, it's not worth being "right." So, I'm going with a micro drawer but I need a small separate oven. It seems silly to go with the Master chef...I don't need two microwaves. Is there something else I should consider? I covet the new Wolf steam oven, but that won't help me bake cookies. Any help is appreciated.

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You could still get the Miele and get a regular microwave for heating up coffee instead of an expensive drawer microwave. I am putting a Miele in the island like Bee, and a separate microwave in a cabinet over a single wall oven for husband's coffee and for when I need a micro when speed oven is occupied.

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I am putting an over-the-range speed oven over a counter in an upper cabinet. That puts the speed oven at eye level and it can also exhaust any cooking fumes that are given off when I use a counter top appliances.

I would not want to bend down to read anthing when I don't have to.


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I think a LOT of people have speed overs under the counter.. I plan to do so and now hope I'm not making a mistake!

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We put the Miele speed oven under the counter. DH was not enthusiastic about this but I was adamant there would be no microwave sitting on the counter (at least not in the remodeled kitchen-- there is still a microwave on the counter in the improvised cellar kitchen, now the "dog" kitchen). It does take a bit of getting used to but not a big deal. DH uses it to warm coffee every day.

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Your husband won't have to bend over much if all he is doing is heating up coffee. There is a minute+ button (not really a button, a touch-sensitive switch) on the front. Open the door, put in the coffee, close the door, hit that button and the microwave will run for one minute. 30-45 seconds is usually enough unless the coffee is really cold.

To stop it at any point, hit the off button.

The only time you have to kneel down is when you are having to navigate a menu, something you needn't do just to heat a cup of coffee or melt butter or something like that.

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