howdecrypt trojan

sammy zone 7 TulsaFebruary 5, 2014

I cannot find information on this virus. When I search online, I feel that any information might be the source of the virus.

McAfee and Microsoft really do not have current information.

It is in the category of ransom (or a similar word.)

The icon has different looks, and one is the look of google crome. It appears all through my husband's I tunes music. his library is huge.

We will probably get a new computer, but I would like to know how we got it. The good part for us Is that we downloaded Windows 7 recently, and in doing so, we backed up everything.


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Yes it appears to be ransomware, nasty.

Take a look at this article from PCHubs. It shows how to manually remove this.

Do you use something like Web of Trust? This is a neat, free program that identifies sites found in Google searches with either a green, orange or red icon identifying it's safety or not. It offers a little more peace of mind while conducting searches.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Thanks. It seems to have attacked I-Tunes, and we have decided to purchase another computer.

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Seems a waste to not remove it anyway. At least you could still use the old computer.

Its amazing how quickly you can pick up a nasty innocently. Googling can be dangerous unless you are warned about certain sites.

Owbist gave you a good tool with Web of Trust (WOT). I've used it for years and it warns you when you click on a website that is dangerous. Happened to me last night when I was searching for an answer to a computer problem. The tool actually prevents you from clicking on the site with a large warning. The site I was going to came up in a Google search for my computer problem. Looked legit but apparently it wasn't.

You should download WOT on your new machine to prevent another problem in the future. It is so scary how many malicious websites are out there.

Good luck,

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If you have free Malewarebytes, run a full scan, this is the only maleware scan that will remove ransomware, if you can not boot then boot in safe mode and run it, or use safe mode with networking and install it ASAP and run scan.

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