Linking my Photobucket pics to my Etsy site

gogwmosFebruary 29, 2012

I am selling stuff on Etsy, and the buyer has a choice of which design they would prefer on their item. I have all the pics in Photobucket and need to know how to link to Photobucket to my description so people can see all their choices.


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I know what Etsy is, but I don't have an account. However, I do have a Photobucket account. I'm assuming you can post a link in your Etsy listing. Then, you need to have the pictures you want to link to located in a Photobucket album and have "Public" selected, rather than "Private." Then, when you are on Photobucket and have that folder open, there is a box in the upper right corner that is titled "Share This Album." You can choose to copy "Direct Link" or "HTML link." Here is an example with one of my albums:

Direct Link:
In this case, the person has to copy and paste this link to see the album.

If I add a little hypertext language to this, it converts to a hot link:

I have included a link at the bottom to show you how to do this.

The other thing you can do is copy and paste the HTML link from the Photobucket page, and that gives you a banner that looks like this:

The person has to click on the "View All" part of the banner to get taken to that album

So, does this work for you?

Here is a link that might be useful: HTML...What Is a Hypertext Link?

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Kudzu, that is exactly what I was looking for, but after trying to get it for the last 10 minutes in different ways, none of them work, they still have all the HTML showing. I am putting this in my description section, would you look at it and see if you can help?

I used to do the simple HTML here with signs, changing colors and bold, italic, etc. so I don't know why this won't work.

I am leaving my page as is with the link to my Photobucket page so you know where I am linking to.

Thanks SO much, I really appreciate it!

Here is a link that might be useful: link to my Etsy site

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I took a look at your Etsy page and it looks like you have done the HTML coding perfectly. To confirm that, I copied the visible HTML code from your web site and pasted it below. You can see that it works correctly as a hot link here on GardenWeb:

click here for more designs

I have had a similar problem on one other web site myself, and found there was a way to get around that. On that site, there was an option to "Disable BBCode"; if it was checked, the hot link didn't work and the HTML code displayed just the way yours does. By unchecking that box, the hot link worked. However, you may not have that option available to you on Etsy when you are editing your page (I just don't know, since I'm not an Etsy member). For some reason the Etsy webmaster may have the site set up so that you can't post "external" hot links.

I did look quickly through some other Etsy listings, and those that did have hot links led to galleries within Etsy. I wish I knew more about Etsy to advise you better. But here are my three suggestions:

1) Remove the HTML code and just have the link with a note to the shopper to copy and paste it to look at your Photobucket gallery.
2) Go to the Support Forum within Etsy and post your original question asking if it is possible to do this on the Etsy web site. Or go to the Contact link at the bottom of the Etsy home page and send an inquiry directly to them about this.
3) Figure out how those other folks got galleries uploaded to the Etsy site, and then upload those pictures directly to Etsy.

Good luck. Please report back on what ended up as the solution.

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I suspect kudzu is correct in saying they do not allow external links. This deprives them of commission perhaps.

In your case it simply leads to more photos but it could also lead to a bigger sales site.

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