urgent help needed with mudroom layout

LaberglundMay 21, 2012

Our build has started, and we've run into a problem with my kitchen pantry/mudroom.

As drawn, when opening my refrigerator doors, the right door will open and block access to 2ft of my pantry opening. (The refrigerator will be 6" from the wall, not completely in the corner, as drawn here). I measured my fridge with the door completely open, and it is 49" from back of fridge to tip of fully opened right door.

I'm open to completely redesigning the powder room/mudroom/laundry area, as long as I have some sort of closet or even better, cubbies to store our winter clothes/backpacks (we have 3 kids, plan to have 4 total). I do also need a small broom/vacuum closet, as drawn in the laundry room now. Any help is appreciated.

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Reverse your hooks and coat closet location in the mudroom. And shift the pantry into the current coat closet location in the mudroom...

Also, why is it important that your fridge door, when open, not block you pantry door? I don't usually have my fridge door open at the same time I am trying to access my pantry. Am I understanding your problem correctly?

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What if you take out the door and wall, between the laundry and mudroom? Put the sink on the other side of the washer/dryer and scoot the entire thing down to the garage door and put your broom closet where the sink is, now.

On the other side, put your cubbies across from the broom closet and washer...use about 5' for your cubby area. Then, scoot the pantry down, so it's no longer blocked by the fridge. Maybe a message center, on the back of the pantry? Also, can you add a little window, for some extra light? Something like this... From Cottage house plans

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