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luis_prFebruary 2, 2014

My PC has 32-bit Windows XP Pro. I bought the unit with XP when Vista was unpopular and causing complaints.

Not sure why I chose the Pro version now. What are the differences between XP and XP Pro? I was considering installing WIndows 7 and wondered if I needed to upgrade from XP Pro to a 7 Pro Version (if 7 Pro exists). I went to the Microsoft website but could not locate answers to these questions. :o(

Like I said, I am not sure what made me install XP Pro originally; it has been years. My login screen allows me to specify multiple users and I am making using of that. But I do not know if that is why I chose XP Pro originally.

I tried a Windows 8 PC with touch and it is sitting out there gathering dust. A bad investment. I actually believed those yahoos that said it would be easy to migrate. So, after this Windows 7 Upgrade to the old desktop runs its course and 7 is no longer supported, I will either go the Apple route or use Android on those smartphones instead.

So... my questions are (a) what are the differences between the XP and XP Pro Versions. (b) And if there is such a thing as a 7 Pro, what are the differences between the 7 and 7 Pro Versions?

A link to this info is ok if you do not know. And yes, I know little of Windows/PCs and am asking in order to determine if I need to go from XP Pro to 7 Pro.


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A quick google found the link below. If you read it, you'll probably find that the Pro version of Win 7 isn't terribly important to you. Either Home Basic or Home Premium will be fine. Beyond that, if you were to google this instead:

win 8 like win 7

you would find that there are ways to make Win 8 more suitable. If this works for you, it would be better than downgrading to the older OS which will be obsolete sooner. By the way, if you don't know much about computers you can only solve your problems by learning more. A different operating system won't correct a lack of knowledge.

Here is a link that might be useful: Win 7 Editions

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Here's a link to download Start button and desktop, so your W8 will look like W7 so easy and W8 is Great! you need to user it and get updates.. I always believed pro versions were more for offices/business, I always buy home versions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Start Button for W8

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Pro is used for business use, networking, etc. I have both and for my use it doesn't really matter. I used pro when my computers were networked.


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Luis, what are you trying to accomplish? This is like a non-chemist trying to decide whether to buy Firestone or Goodyear tires by investigating how much of what chemicals each uses in their synthetic rubber.

Both pro and home versions support networking, perhaps not to the same degree, but the premium versions do everything anyone would want.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend wasting the time or money to put Win 7 on an old PC.

If you want Win 7 on a PC, there are new models around to buy. If you like the machine you have, I think you can continue to use it safely until it dies.

Others may have different views.

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