My Holiday Weekend Project

lynninnewmexicoNovember 29, 2010

. . . the "Before" pics only, because I need to start the "After" as soon as I can muster up energy and the Tylenol for my aching shoulders, arms and back kicks in ;^D

DH & I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday painting the living and dining rooms. Ugh . . . what a time-consuming job that was! Taking down a gazillion paintings and books and whatever, moving furniture to the middle of the room and taping miles of blue painters tape around 5 French doors, 3 patio doors, 4 windows, one fireplace and yards and yards of brick baseboards! Not to mention that I did all the trim work, including painting around the many (many!) wood beams and corbels on our 13 ft. high wood ceilings.

Now, I realize that all this may sound like nothing to you who like to paint frequently, but I HATE, hate hate to paint and avoid it like the plague . . . until this past weekend, that is. I have the reputation in my family as being the world's worst painter. I've knocked over paint cans, stepped into paint trays, leaned against newly painted wet walls and always seem to forget where I stopped painting, thus painting many areas twice . . . or more. BUT, I'm so proud of myself, because I didn't do any of the above this past weekend . . . except the painting many areas twice (insert red face here).

And so, I'm posting a few Before pics here now, so that I'll be shamed into putting this place back in order again quickly, instead of sitting here in my family room, procrastinating and feeling exceptionally sore and lazy ;^D

Warning, the place seriously looks like someone stirred it with a stick!


And the foyer not only has piles of Autumn decs still needing to be packed away, but all the still-filled drawers from both my antique dresser and chest of drawers from the dining room and the two pieces themselves. I truly hope that no one shows up at the front door today, because I doubt that I can reach it, let alone open it!

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Wow, you've got grit to tackle that job! The only thing that would have me looking forward to putting it all back is the opportunity to hang the art in new configurations for a fresh perspective. I bet it will look wonderful when you are done :)
Make sure you have enough pain reliever to get you through it!

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I wish that I could, Alex, but most of the walls are exposed adobe brick and are a nightmare to hang things on! You can only use certain types of nails and they can only be nailed into the middle of a brick . . . and at a certain angle. Otherwise, you end up with a big, brown, empty hole in the wall where the dried mud has fallen out. So, all the artwork goes back up in the same place . . . although I have painted all the existing nails this time;^D

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Oh my goodness Lynne, you are a "go getter" type of girl indeed. Are you changing the color? Either way, it will be so nice and fresh for the holidays. I just finished my entryway, except for the new door that I'm still waiting on, so I can relate. You are going to feel so proud when everything is done in place. I'll be watching for the after pix.

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Oh boy, lynn! Everything is going to be bright & beautiful for the holidays! Kudos to you &, a big job! I'm happy to see your "BEFORE" pics & lookin' forward to your holiday decor...because I love your home & what you do within it. Hope you could have some fresh air coming in while you tackled this!

I packed away Fall decor today (used to have 1 large tub) thanks to the Enablers R Us here, I now have 2 large tubs! Started unpacking a few Christmas & Winter ones, takes me a week usually...but today will probably be I'm going to be playing with GKids the rest of the week! (a GOOD thing!) TFS your pics & good luck getting things back in order...aches & pains...just remember ...this too shall pass. Jeanne S.

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That's is a really big project.I really like your hutch.I bet you have a lot of fun decorating it for the holidays.

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Oh my gosh, Lynne, Wish I was close enough to help. Work like that is easier when you have someone to help and it isn't such a chore when you are helping someone else.

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Oh Lynne!
What a brave woman you are to tackle all that ,especially on a holiday weekend of all times.
No need to shame thyself, we all have been there (probably many times) and I'm certain in time we will be back to seeing your fresh and new lovely home we're so accustomed to you sharing :).
Forge ahead towards the pain reliever and rest a moment, it's well earned.

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Here's the deal. IT'S DONE. You're going to love the clean, clean look of the place when it all gets put back.

Sorry to hear you're hurting though.

Did I hear someone say, "Advil"?

Hey! Wait a minute. Don't you know a doctor?

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And to think I was concerned the times I showed all my stash of decorations waiting to be put up--and that was only a patio full! LOL You have allot of wonderful art work that you had to be careful to protect from spatters and/or breakage. And you have allot of books and other decorative items to move as well. What a job! Seeing your pics reminds me of why I keep putting off putting some fresh paint up here at my house! LOL Rest up a bit, then tackle it one corner at a time. After all, you still have a few weeks until Christmas! ;o)


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Thanks for the nudges to get things finished. I honestly did need them. I'm still in the process of putting stuff back, and am cleaning and polishing everything as I go. Yep . . . just in time to turn around and pack half of it away on Saturday as we put out the Christmas things. NOT, not, not the greatest timing on our part (LOL)!

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Lynn...I feel for you Big Time.. I know of all the 'prep' that goes into doing a huge painting job and it's no picnic.
But like the others have said, think of how relieved you will now feel that it's all behind you.
It does play havoc on your body too...seems there are muscles used that we never knew we had till they ache!
The reason I can relate..when we lived in our 'This Old House'...
DH always had some 'project' or reno planned that would start in the Spring, But ALWAYS went right up to the final hrs before the Holidays. This always brought on
major stress since we were the ones who would host all the
family for Christmas.
I do have to say, once it was was over and it felt sooo good to enjoy what was done...
This too will pass Lynn...once it's all put together again, I know I will be 'seeing' your big smile as you're enjoying the results!


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Lynn, hope by now you are well on your way with this project. You are smart to be cleaning everything as you go. I always tell DH I have to decorate and have company to keep our home as clean as I like!

I use to like to repaint every two years but as I age that is not happening. Like everyone has said, you will love the end results and be sparklin' clean this Holiday Season.


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