Ambella vanity

MissBuggusJuly 15, 2014

New member here. :)

I have been searching for an antique looking vanity for my bathroom. I don't want an actual antique because I don't want anything that moisture will ruin. So, I have been checking places like Signature Hardware, Horchow, etc. I located a piece by a company named Ambella. It looks nice but I wonder about the quality. I have never heard of them. Does anyone have any experience with Ambella products that they would care to share?

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Have you seen it live vs catalog?

Recently looked at, what seems like a million, vanities. Saw some Abella's in showrooms, if I could have found one to fit my space I would have bought one.

Would consider it a mid-range cabinet. Better than ones in big-box stores, but there certainly are more high-end ones.

Did you check out Home Decorators? They are a Home Depot company with higher quality products. I bought one of mine from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Decorators

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Thank you for posting the link to home decorators. I had never heard of them.

I have not seen the Ambella vanity in person. There are no showrooms that are near us. You say you would have purchased from Ambella if you found a cabinet that fit your space. How do you think the construction and materials compared to the vanity you ended up purchasing from Home Decorators?

My concern about the Ambella vanity we are considering is the painting (a gold flower motif) seemed sloppily done from the pictured we have seen on the web. That made me wonder if the construction was equally sloppy.

I also notice that the prices at Home Decorators are way lower than Ambella. That certainly interests me but how is their quality?

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I think the construction and details were similar and would grade both as B. I did not see sloppy construction on any of the Ambella vanities or those I looked at at Home Decorators - and I pulled them away from the walls to look at the backsides and got on the floor to look inside the cabinets.

While I didn't pay attention to it at the time, I was focused on finding the style and size I needed, you are correct the Ambellas were more expensive. I think they were slightly overpriced. There is a Home Decorators near me and they had ~30 vanities on display, I did not see really bad quality on any of them.

If you post pictures of ones you are considering I can tell you if I saw them ''live.''

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