Mixing modern bathroom with traditional/eclectic older hom

elphaba_gwJuly 9, 2012

Does anyone have opinions or suggestions with bathroom remodeling where there might be a "disconnect" between the modern style of the bathroom and the traditional style of the house?

I wasn't sure whether to post this in the bathroom forum or the "decorating and design" forum so I have done both. Apologies for anyone who might read this in both places.

Our home is a small older home, built in 1939. We are doing major remodelling in most of the house. The first phase is the hall bath. It will have a curb-less shower, floating vanities, and a wall mounted toilet - some will call it a "wet room". It is small at approx 10 ft by 7.5 ft.

For a lot of reasons, this bath will have a definite modern/contemporary style and I really don't want to change that (primarily because I don't want to spend the money for custom cabinets when I like Ikea just fine...)

. But.. as far as the rest of the house which will include built in book cases in the living room and study, I seem to be clearly leaning toward maintaining a traditional/eclectic style. The house has "crown molding" in most rooms and I think I will put that in bath also if not too jarring. I don't want Ikea book cases in the living room. Probably antiques which have fairly simple trim but are still obviously older pieces of furniture will be scattered, maybe a couple pieces in each room.

So, bottom line, was wondering if there are any "guidelines" that I can use when decorating/remodelling the remainder of the house that will allow me to combine "very contemporary" with "traditional/eclectic".

Or maybe I shouldn't worry about it?

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I think it can be done. Would you be willing to tone down the modern/contemporary feel of the bathroom if you could still use IKEA cabs?

For some ideas, just google Making Ikea cabinets look vintage.

Adding the right "wooden" elements can immediately change the feel of the bathroom:

If you use a piece of reclaimed lumber as your counter, that would look modern and eclectic at the same time

Modern Powder Room design by Toronto Interior Designer Jodie Rosen Design

You could also pick floor tile that looks like wide wood planks, both modern yet historical at the same time.

Traditional Bathroom design by Dallas Media And Blogs It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life

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