Mold where tub meets wall

salbwilJuly 22, 2014

Have a 2 year old bath alcove , tiled walls and ceiling, and the calking is molding where the tub meets the walls and up a few inches in the corners. How do I remove this and make sure it doesn't come back ? Husband is really upset as I am the one that insisted that calk be used in these areas.
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Have good ventilation in the tub and use it.

Use a silicon or siliconized latex caulk in the tub instead of a latex caulk.

Less likely, make sure there are no cracks or pinholes in the grout that are allowing water easy access behind the tile.

Check the tub deck along the walls and corners. Make sure it's not holding water against the caulk after you are done showering. Some plastic tubs can be deformed and have a slight slope towards the wall instead of shedding water into the tub. If your deck edge holds water, then after you towel off it might be prudent to towel off that area.

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I have a cast iron shower pan that doesn't drain properly in the corners, and I make sure that after a shower it is wiped down to prevent standing water.

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We always squeegee after showering , but will now towel down too. Do I need to remove the calk and recalk or can I treat it with something to destroy the mold and thank you !

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Don't know about the caulk.

Toweling down, is often what I only do. I squeegee too sometimes and towel. My new shower is "high maintenance", lol, and takes up so much of my time. DH won't have anything to do with it. "Until winter" when it will be cold and he comes back up out of the basement to take his showers.

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