Cross handles vs. lever handles for faucets?

PipdogJuly 25, 2012

I'm debating about whether I should get cross handles for my two faucets and my deck mount tub fixture. I found some nice faucets and they come with the option of cross handles or lever handles. The sales rep has strongly recommended that I go with lever handles since I have two young kids that use the bathroom and that "cross handles are harder to use". But I prefer the classic look of cross handles - this is a 1950's house and we are putting in traditional hex tiles and the cross handles gives it that vintage look.

Anyone who used cross handle faucets, do you regret using them? Are they more "work" than lever handles?

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I wouldn't want them in a kitchen but in my bathroom they're fine. You aren't turning water off and on that much in a lavatory sink. I also find cross handles are easier to finely adjust. The only drawback is for old folks with arthritis or whatnot, but lever handles can always be added when you reach that far-distant day.

Generations of children grew up with cross handles, so I don't know where the new helplessness comes from.

Plus, I'd think levers would make it easier for careless kids to jam the pedal to the metal and break something.

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I have two young boys and we chose lever handles in their remodeled 1950's bathroom (polished chrome with white ceramic handles) and they never have trouble using them. We have cross handles in the master bathroom and every now and then I find that they haven't completely turned the handle all the way closed and there's a thin stream of water still flowing. But, it's not frequent enough that I'd sacrifice my design choice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler lever faucet

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We just put cross handle faucets in our mid-century bath remodel and I LOVE them. The kids use them just fine, and we plan to use the same faucets in their bathroom when we remodel it.

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I don't think that makes any sense. How could something with more to grab be harder to use? I used the Kohler Pinstripe Pure series (which is available with lever or cross handles), and I love the cross handles. I had trouble finding cross handles that I liked. I didn't like the nubby ones and because my house is over 180 years old, I didn't want to use the more modern variety. In the end, the Pinstripe without the actual pinstripe was the best fit for me. Use what you think looks best; they'll work fine.

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thanks for the input everybody! i ended up buying lever handles today as I watched my two year old struggle with the cross handles at the Toto showroom. I prefer the look of cross handles, but I'm happy with my selection. Kevin, your fixtures are gorgeous!

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