Different height his/her sinks

Debbi BrankaJuly 16, 2012

Somewhere I saw a picture or two of a bathroom with his/her sinks that were different heights. I'd like to do this in our master bath, but I can't find pictures for ideas. I've searched Houzz and found 1 that I love but it wraps around a corner and I don't have that much space. Does anyone have them and will you post pix, or do you have inspiration pix of them? Thanks!

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This is what we did...pretty common sink/vanity layout, and then just staggered them. The other option I've seen a lot is to put the sinks on different walls, then you can do them different heights and it won't look strange.

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Debbi Branka

Thanks everyone!

Oly - I assumed that was spam and didn't open it. Thanks!

Loves - I really like the 3rd shot with adding a sink. That's exactly what I meant. The Disney one is way cute!

Youngdeb - Your shower is gorgeous! And your bathroom looks huge! Very beautiful! We don't have the space to put sinks on opposite walls. They need to be together - maybe like your sink counter and your vanity counter for the other sink.

What I'm trying to accomplish is not for kids, but a standard height for me (5'2") and a taller sink for DH (6'1").

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I had this in my old house but no pics. My sink was on a 6 or 7' long counter and had a cabinet and vanity area with a drawer. My husbands sink was on a vanity on another wall and was about 36" wide. It was builder issue so I think they just used a kitchen sink base for his vanity. I loved the set up.

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