Early Christmas Decorations

phonegirlNovember 14, 2010

Seems like Christmas is coming up more on here so will share a few pictures of our guest bath. If the Holiday Bus breaks down we now have a backup Taxi we can use. Actually I hadn't came across anything that would fit under the glass plate and I already had snow on it.LOL

This mirror is one DM bought me when I was in grade school for my bedroom. The centerpiece was one from her Christmas stash.

This is our MB headboard. A couple of the santas are from my Dillard santa collection.

Some of the angels in our lives. Our kids when they were young and their kids in pictures. Interesting light rays in the mirror above these angels.

I know all of these need tweaked but as you all know I don't always get around to that! Hope you enjoy seeing some just down to earth decorating early in the season.


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punk ... I LOVE "down-to-earth" decorating! Don't "Santa's" just make you SMILE!!! I like these that you've displayed in your MBR.

Precious angels, too...you've got the best kind on your dresser...love using old pics & new ones, too, especially over the holidays! Interesting rays of light in your mirror...moodscaping!

Purple, purple, purple! The shades of purple ornies are so pretty in your guest bath...& even Santa's suit looks like a dark shade. That little taxi also touches my heart...my Dad drove one for yrs when I was a kid...he worked long hrs & so hard! I have a little taxi ornie like yours, too. When you dig out more holiday stuff, you'll probably do that "tweaking" ...but, punk, you're way ahead of the game...good for you! Looks great! TFS! Jeanne S. LOL!...where's the BOP pic (back-of-potty)

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how very pretty - While purple is not my favorite color I like how you used it in your masterbath. Those ornaments in the snow dish are beautiful - nice job :) I have been cleaning my MB and master bath today in anticipation of starting this week. The main part of the house is still fall decorated so I figured I would start in the more private rooms - both rooms will be heavily Victorian, pink, burgundy and gold .....


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Punk, you really are on top of things. Your purple in the bathroom looks so pretty and "regal"--that's how I always think of that deep purple color.

Your ceramic santa with the bag is almost a twin to one I made waaay back when--I eventually parted with most of my ceramic pieces for some un-remembered reason! Silly me! That one was always a favorite and usually held a bunch of candy canes.

The pictures of your "angels" is precious. Lots of memories lined up there in those cute little faces. ;o)


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Jeanne, where's my BOP? Well thanks to you, I can now show you that and I decorated my window while I was at it. Yes, I decorated this fast but I don't have alot of purple decorations. To bad PM lives so far away or I could of ran and borrowed some.LOL I may find other things as I unpack all my Christmas things too.

Great hearing about your DD driving a taxi. Sorry to hear he had to work so hard though. But you have an ornament like mine so that means we have 2 taxi's for backup if the bus is unable to haul all of us.

Lynne, I love pink, burgundy and gold alsoo Victorian style. Can hardly wait to see your rooms decorated. I would love to decorate like that but haven't taken the time to go buy what it takes.

Luvs, my santa is from the Traditions Victorian Collection and is a porcelain doll with a certificate of authenticity. Opps, wrong santa! I was going to say if you made one of these you need a Big pat on the back. Most of my ceramics I made were broken while the kids were growing up. The reason we give things away is so we can buy more.LOL I've done this too and it just happen we don't miss it until it's gone!

Thanks everyone and I will get these new pictures posted. I started on my Thanksgiving table and would love to have help tweaking it since I have alot of time left. Will try to get some pictures of it and post. TIA for all the help with it.


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Love the purple and lavender together! Very classic, IMO, which is my favorite style of decorating.

I'm going to try to do the same with my trifle jar if I can find the crystal I have stored away!

Thanks for the pictures!

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PURPLE...and MORE PURPLE. I love your decor in the bathroom! I want to snatch that wonderful little Snowman right off your wreath!! He's too adorable. And he's wearing PURPLE! Not too many Snowmen appeal to me, but yours definitely is one that does.

Lynne, burgundy is my other very favorite color, so I can't wait to see what you will be doing. (Leave it to me to pick two favorite colors that WON'T go together. LOL)

Punk, you've sure inspired me with your early decorating.
I was 'thinking' about it, but not real enthused yet. I am really enjoying my Fall colors out. But you went and "purpled" me and I'm anxious to get started now!

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Punk, Your deco's are marvelous. I usurally use more traditional Christmas colors, but love the way they look in others homes. (I'm terribly old-fashioned and sentimental (or maybe just mental?) about my Christmas decorations, but I sure do enjoy seeing all the different colors others are using. (Purple always makes me think of the Three Kings, such a royal color)

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Punk, your decorating is fabulous! I love the purple and would like to steal your idea of the bowl of snow/ornaments. I love your angels and the Santas are so pretty.

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Wow Punk...I'm getting an Anxiety Attack!
You're on to Christmas already, and it all looks so lovely.
Great color you used. I'm also old fashioned with mostly traditional color...but LOVE seeing all the different styles that everyone uses. Your bathroom looks great..
never thought to do the overhead lighting with garland..great idea. I like how you used the ornaments in the snow bowl. They look very pretty. Your Santa collection in your BR is really special and LOVE your little angels 'Old & New' in your MB...that overhead lighting must mean something....did you hear any singing while taking pics?? lol
Good to see you got that cute 'backup taxi' ...ya never know when we'll need it.


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Love that you shared your BOP! LOL! Looks pretty fancy for a BOP! (satiny, beads, silver & purple & that cute silver-framed Santa pic w/a special girl on his lap)! TFS!

And your window ledge looks pretty classy, lady!...purple pinecones! & I love the ornies in the glass apothecary! You're on a roll, punk! Jeanne S.

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Oakley, hope you find your trifle jar so you can share pictures when your done. Thanks for the comments on the purple and lavender together. It matches this bath and one of the guest bedrooms.

Karen, send me your address and that little snowman will be on your door step before you know it. With the way you feel sometimes I think you should do whatever works for you. I sure do.haha

Janet, I used to think like you but once I started buying the other colors I fell hard for them. Who knows it might work for you too.

Dream, please feel free to use any ideas of mine. I've probably used some of yours before.LOL My snow bowl I used for this is my Princess House Chip and Dip bowl if this helps. I used my purple margarita glass in the center.

Jane, didn't mean to bring on an Anxiety Attack! But a Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do. That overhead light means someone forgot to shut off the light.lol I didn't notice when I posted the picture and had to go back and look after reading your post. The light turnons are on the hinges and so easily turned on with just a slight touch.

Jeanne, help me out girlfriend. How do most BOP's look? Inquiring mind wants to know. Like the window ledge huh? Sometimes we do better under pressure! I was on a roll this weekend but it may not last long if we can get ready to move our office.

Thanks all for the decorating support here.haha It's always fun to hear what each one likes. I just remembered I have some of the brown ornaments some where and I have snow village and church ornaments with snow in them that may look pretty in the margarita glass.hum...may be doing some tweaking.

Have a good night my DF and we'll talk later.


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Punk...Everything looks so pretty. Love the pictures of your angels. I won't be doing so much Christmas decorating this year, but I will do the village my husband loved so much. I really, really look forward to what everyone else is doing.

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OMGoodness you busy busy girl. The purple is amazing in the bath. I don't think I have any purple decorations for any holiday. I'm also in love with that giant silver deer. I have a house full of out-of-town guest for Thanksgiving so I don't start Christmas decorating till they leave. Great job.

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Punk :
You're on such a wonderful roll! I looove all of your decs and the purple is perfect.
I really love the piece on the light fixture , so elegant.
Hubby finally got around this year to putting my chandi up over the kitchen table so I'm anxious to try decorating it much to his chagrin and loud "DON'T YOU MAKE IT FALL!" when I was talking about it one day. LOL
Job well done as always!!

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NanaK, I will have more angels as I continue going through my totes. Who knows, may have more pictures to share here. Once Thanksgiving is over I will be bringing out more as time allows. I love the villages and hope you will be able to share pictures of yours with us.

Frou, DD bought me the deer and I planned on using it on my table but Jeanne and her BOP decorations caused me to grab what I could find and decorate. I'm enjoying the decorated purple bath and still have a few more things I can add in there. As Janet said, makes one think of the Three Kings, such a royal color.

MM, Made me laugh when reading DH's comment. I kinda think the same. I'm just not an orange kinda girl but being here, it is growing on me. Thanks for the comment on my light swag. I added a couple of faux branches with pinecones and glitter to the ends but it doesn't really show in my pictures.

Thanks so much everyone for all of your comments on these decorations.

Jeanne, I think we should have a BOP post where we can all enjoy everyones creations. Can you get one this one??? Who knows Karen may have a new album to share every year. Is this something you all came up with on here or do most decorate the BOP? Some with the racks on top could be beautiful all decorated for the holidays.lol


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