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paulsmth2February 8, 2014

The software I have been using put in some changes that I will not deal with so I am looking for a replacement.

Anybody have a free or almost free software that you are using that is simple and doesn't require me to change browsers or things like that. If it supports downloads of you tube videos that would be great.

I am using firefox and thunderbird.


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Richard (chuggerguy)

I really can't recommend one. The only place I ever download streaming video from is Youtube, and not often at that. I linked the extension I use for that here but it only works on

What I would probably do is go into "Add-ons Manager" and search for something like "video downloader" and look though them for one that purports to work on the sites I intended to use it. I'd also look at the number of users as well as the rating, with the realization that nothing works for everyone.

Perhaps somebody else will come along and recommend one from personal experience, I'm sorry, I can not.

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For youtube videos I use keepvid. Just copy and paste the link to the video in the box and click download to the right of the box then when the pop up appears click run and when the list comes up pick what format you want and right click that link and save to the desktop. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: keepvid

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I downloaded the Firefox add on and it works very nicely on you tube videos. That still leaves me with the problem of downloading non you tube videos.

I looked at the keepvid site and do not want to get involved with the other changes they are pushing. Even if I unclick the three boxes and continue.... I could not be confident that they would not be making other changes in the background.


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Hmm I didn't have to unlock any 3 boxes, what is that? Have used it a few years now and it gives me no problem. I prefer to use IE so don't do firefox and add ons. A lot of times I have found videos that people post on facebook and stuff really come from youtube anyway. Mary

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