Spending more on the fridge than the stove??

Miss718June 4, 2012

My previous kitchen came with a Subzero 642 and a Wolf 48 inch all gas. I loved that fridge, wasn't crazy about the all gas Wolf. It was fine but performed no better than the DCS I had in another house.

We're in a temporary rental, while we renovate our new house, with rental grade appliances. To my surprise, it's the fridge I miss, far more than the stove. Granted this crappy bottom of the line Frigidaire is not what I would buy but it does the job and my cooking hasn't suffered.

The fridge, however, is a nightmare. I had grown used to produce staying fresh forever (or close to forever). My husband thinks I am nuts to consider forgoing a super premium range like the Wolf 36" dual fuel, but I want to save money somewhere. I fell in love with the Miele KF1901 fridge and I think that's what I want.

But I don't want to spend more than $4000-5000 on a range. And I would love to spend less. I am all over the place and my head is spinning. Any thoughts would be welcome. I have looked at Blue Star, Capital Culinaria (their website really stinks), Electrolux Icon and Jennair. Anything else I should consider? I am not interested in the NXR range. I've read a lot about it here and have ruled it out.

The Wolf/Subzero $1000 off is compelling but I liked the Miele so much better. I could swing the Wolf 36" dual fuel and SZ fridge if I forgo the Miele microwave/convection but space is at a premium and I really wanted a second oven. Plus I will still need a microwave.

If we were just doing the kitchen, I wouldn't hesitate to spend on the range, but it's a whole house reno and I really want to save where I can.

I welcome your input!

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I think the best way to help is if you gave us a total budget and list of what appliances you need.

Do you need a dishwasher or range hood?

Would you consider a 36" rangetop plus electric double ovens?

Would a 36" AG range, 24" electric oven plus a microwave drawer underneath the convection oven work in terms of space and baking needs?

*Requirement for a premium built-in fridge duly noted:)

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heat is heat is heat; for millions of years humanoids cooked over open fires; for thousands of years they had open pots over open fires; for a few thousand years the containers/pots/tagines have had lids but the fires were still open fires.

The invention of the closed stove / oven = the big development in human society. But there again, heat is heat is heat, and we don't need to overthink it. With enough thermal mass you can be certain the food temperature gets raised to the right temperature.

I would feel comfortable spending less money on the range. Far less than the multi thousand dollar amount that I see in the OP.

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Pity you ruled out the best option to save money on (NXR).

You could look into a "Smeg Opera A1XU6" have no idea if they are good or not, the few reviews look promising.

They sell for $2000

Here is a link that might be useful: Smeg

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Sorry...overall budget would be helpful, wouldn't it?I would like to keep appliance expenditures below $20,000 to include the following. (It's going to be a small galley kitchen so space is an issue.)
36" counter depth fridge with panel
30 or 36" range - prefer dual fuel
24" dishwasher with panel (we loved our Miele, hated Bosch but open to suggestions - not sure how much I'm really going to save here)
Miele coffee system (we had one before -it's extravagent but my husband gets one "thing" and this is it)
Range hood - not sure what to budget but it will go on the range wall, not on an island
Microwave/convection oven

Thanks all for your input!!

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Have you considered the Liebherr fridges they tend to be cheaper that then SZ or Miele stuff, and have the dual compressors like the SZs. My wife and I have settled on their 48" unit model # SBS 24i3.


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dual fuel range= see above.

counter depth ("CD")
30" Liebherr has two compressors.
Summit CP-171 has two compressors also.
Two fridges might be a good option.
Two small fridges that are "CD" but without the markup for being CD.
This resolves the big spendy question.

from Miele
Speed / MW oven.
18" DW with spare cutlery racks, for your drawers.

maybe a Miele exhaust hood too.
Or, a Fantech.net blower motor (inline) and a generic hood shape. This resolves the big spendy question.

A small galley kitchen = space is an issue.
Post your layout.

I really wish you had the right to ask Mr Soandso to reconsider the coffee thing.

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Miele KF1901 $7895
Miele CVA4066SSL $3149
I would spend the extra $600 for plumbed vs water tank.

Miele Futura Dimension Plus
G5775SCVI $1779

I would definetly skip the Miele Classic wihtout water softner and spend $80 over standard Dimension for extra quiet and premium racks.

Kobe Range Hood RA0242SQBRA02DC $1510

GE Advantium PSB2200NSS $1958

I would spend the extra $500 to get 240 volt version vs 120 volt speed oven. It is twice as fast. If getting a speed oven you want a fast one.

Total 16,291

If you have a hard cap on an American pro style range I would take a chance on American Range Performer Series ARROB636 $4199. Open burner range like Bluestar and Culinarian with power burner at 25k btu and simmer burner at 12k btu. They have been out for over a year and have heard no complaints but no one wanted to be first GWer to buy one. Someone on the board just ordered one and should post a review in a couple of weeks. There were a few owners with serious complaints years ago against American Range but none recently. There was a recall on Wolf ranges a few years back too so anybody can have problems.

Total $16,291 + 4199 = 20,490

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I would not get to "Carried Away" by the food keeping abilities of the "SZ". If you read posts here, most any new refrigerator will keep food longer. Folks Brag about the Bio-Fresh on the Liebhers, they brag about the food keeping abilities of the dual evaporator Samsungs, We've seen positive posts about the food keeping abilities of the Kitchenaids, the Jenn-airs (and in fact I have a Jenn-air).

Sooooo, SZ does not not have an "exclusive" on food keeping abilities, You can do just as well, maybe even better,(especially Price wise) if you look at all the options.

If you do a little research on the USDA site, you will see that alto these new fridges keep things longer, and the veggies/fruits may look and taste great, they have lost most of their vitamins regardless of the brand of the fridge.

Sooooo, Keep both your self and your pocketbook healthy, Don't get carried away with trying to keep food too long, especially Fruits/veggies, & shop around!!!!! SZ is not a "Magical/mythical Machine" it's just one of many options for a new Fridge!


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