Slope on mortar shower pan too high,

jillr1July 31, 2013

I want the base redone! Is it possible to break up the new mortar base say with small sledge carefully down to the vinyl barrier so we can re do it, thickest part is prob 1 1\2 inches or so thick, any suggestions would b appreciated! Thanks!

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Babka NorCal 9b

Yes. We had ours removed and replaced after it was finished (tiled and grouted). We had Kerdi under the cement and they chipped everything out without damaging the sides of the shower. They removed and totally replaced our 3'x4' shower floor in one (long) day.


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We need more info. The typical slope is a quarter inch (minimum) per foot, measured to the farthest edge or corner......more if it's a "pebble" floor.

Why the problem? If it's FAR out of this minimum....sure, you can take a sledge hammer and bust it all out....but then you need to re-do it all. If it's only a little out of spec, you should be able to "tweak" it a bit. Pictures would help.

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We do plan to use pebbles, I can't send pic cause the house is in another state. But I can tell you it's 32 inches from drain to furthest edge and when we put level on it it's a whole bubble over on the level, I hope you know what i mean i didn't actually measure it.
How would you tweak it ? Thanks for helping!

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