Range hood liner pkg for a hood that looks like this...

Ott2June 27, 2013

I missed a little detail. I researched/learned enough to be confused about range hoods/liners/etc. The little detail I missed was the shape of the actual liner. We are trying to achieve a hood that looks like the one in the picture. We want to get as low of a profile as possible, while keeping the ventilation as effective as possible. We are planning a 42" hood length over a 36" range top.
Our appliance guy quoted the Zephyr Monsoon II one-piece liner (AK9340AS) with up to 1200cfm. It is shaped "wrong" for the look we are trying to achieve. We have a great guy who will build the hood surround.
Does anyone know of a liner that will help us get the look we want, or is there a better way to do this?
Thanks! Ott2

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Sophie Wheeler

Liners are for wood hood surrounds. You just want the chimney hood, period. Now, you do have a choice from many lines as to if you want the actual blower located within the hood itself, or on the roof.

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Hi hollysprings,
Thanks for replying. The hood surround will be wood, but chimney style. There will be some metal detailing, but the surround is rift sawn white oak. I hope this will look as good as the architect & designer & husband seem to think. They have a plan. :-) I have a back-up plan just-in-case, but am willing to try theirs first. So far, I've loved everything they have put their heads together on, so I'm willing to give this a go, even if I don't quite "get it" yet.
But, in the meantime, I need to figure out the insides...

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