Update on Older Miele DW

rima_waJune 20, 2014

Hi - I know that lots of people have gotten Miele DWs on this site. Many do not come back to report on longevity, etc. as I wish they would.

I have a 12 year old Novotronic (bought April 2002). It has worked flawlessly until the past 6 months or so. Many of the plastic parts had deteriorated to the point where they were crumbling apart. The actual racks and interior cavity have all been fine however. We have used Cascade powder detergent, the less fancy version, almost exclusively.

Some parts we had to replace included top rack shelf raisers, gasket for rinse aid, bottom cone filter, funnel for the bottom spray bar.

We worked with our local distributor to buy all the parts and replaced them easily. Things just snapped into place. We spent about $100 on parts & shipping. We were very happy to have it be so painless and the interior of the DW looks like new.

This past week, we were getting a stalled machine with the intake/drain light on. We found that the non return valve was crumbling and loose, and we ordered that at about $35, as well as some little tool for unjamming the circulation pump in case we need that. The non return valve arrived in a day, and we put it in. It fit much tighter than the one we removed, and now the DW is running just fine.

We're very happy with our local Miele service and with the product overall. With this easy, relatively inexpensive maintenance at the 12 year mark we're hoping we'll get that 20 years out of this DW that everyone talks about.

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You are very lucky. Our first experience with Miele was a dryer that caved in 8 years. They could not supply a replacement heat element. Our next Miele experience was with a dishwasher which is noisy but survives after 5 years. Our neighbor just had to replace a 10 year old Miele dishwasher for lack of parts.
A question that is rarely asked here is how long will parts be available. My perception is that unlike other brands, Miele parts ainâÂÂt around for very long.

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It seems odd that experiences would vary so much. If I can get parts for a 12 year old DW, why were parts for a 10 yo DW not available? It is variation in service - like some are willing to stock/order/supply older parts and others are not? Or maybe they were backordered and your neighbor didn't want to wait (fair enough if that's the case.) My understanding is that the DW were all very similar inside, though I can't speak to newer ones.

We would buy Miele again - our dishes are so clean again with the most recent fix. I hadn't noticed the drop in performance/cleaning until now - the part failure must have been coming on for awhile.

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I believe in the US there are laws about how long manufacturers need to keep parts in inventory for older models. I think it may be 10 years but I'm not sure. Don't know if it applies to things manufactured abroad and sold here.

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