Implement designs on tiled walls around Shower

azmomJuly 20, 2013

Yesterday we had a meeting with GC-to-be. It is obvious that I have to give up the "tone on tone" dream shower due to the pattern on the counter top slab. We picked out base and accent tiles for shower walls that compliment the slab. The GC- to-be suggested putting a 6 inches wide band on the walls around the shower, a look we could find in hundred "after photos" of shower projects.

I do not want to have a band. In my mind's eye, I see the accent tiles being laid out like falling flowers, cascade and sprinkle on the walls. I also envision DH's angry face, the GC-to-be puts me in the "difficult customer" category or becomes GC-never-be, and I cash out my retirement account.

Before bringing up this idea, may I ask if any DIYer has put design on the tiled walls?

If you have done it, what steps did you take? I thought maybe using graphic paper to map out the design, but I thought maybe there are better ways to implement that.

Equally important, I would like to know how to calculate the cost of the accent tiles.

Any insight will be very appreciated.

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Take a look at the John Bridge forum for many people who have done showers as you envision. The big expense won't be the tiles themselves. It's the labor for an artisan to install them. What you're talking about is out of the realm of your ordinary "tile guy". You've got to have a specialist. You might be best served by finding your tile guy first and then making sure your GC is OK with using him. Check the pro section at JB and see if anyone is in your location.,

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What GreenDesigns says.

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GreenDesigns and enduring,

Thank you for the inputs. Heading toward John Bridge forum now.

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Yep, there are numerous ways to lay out the design. I've had people just draw me a drawing with a rough idea and tell me to "do it".

I've had people hand draw out their design ideas on the cement backer board.

I've had people draw on acetate and the design has been projected on the wall with an old-style overhead projector.

If you really want to get intricate, you can have your tiles cut by a water jet. With that method, pretty much any design is possible.

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