Shallow Beverage/Wine Fridge

2LittleFishiesJune 25, 2012

Any fridges that are less than 24" deep? Thanks!

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I'm not aware of any full-size shallow units, but there are a few compact/undercounter units that are shallower than 24". Most are still over 20", but Perlick does have a special range of shallow depth models that are 18" deep. You can stack two of the perlicks vertically, actually, but its a pretty pricy way to get a pretty small capacity refrigerator...

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I was looking for a shallower one as well. It seems that most full size units are a bit under 24" but the handle brings them to over 25". Jsceva is right about the Perlicks. Also, Miele's unit is a bit under 24" (it has a flush handle) but really pricey--I am not willing to spend $$$ on a wine cooler. I just found a Uline wine captain that also has a flush handle that is much less money so I am going to go with that one. If you mean less than 24" that you can go with the "almost 24" then check it out.

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Saw the Perlick- way to expensive.

I'm not concerned about the handle but need to make the cabinetry less than 24. Danby has an 18" wide beverage fridge that is 19 12/16" deep. I guess that's always an option.

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nycbluedevil- which uLine are you looking at?

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The 1175 in the black color. So it is not stainless but I am ok with that. And that is what makes it less than 24". Great price--around $1250 or so and holds 48 bottles.

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Here's another one:

Summit SCR1536 15 Inch Built In / Freestanding Refrigerator - Glass Door / Stainless Steel Trim
Item #: 2789586

Dimensions: (34 inches H, 14. 75 inches W, 17. 5 inches D).

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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Oooh, looked good but when I saw the specs on AJ madison, those are the interior dimensions. It is 22.25 deep. Thanks though!

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