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GulfportGailNovember 24, 2012

We were very blessed to be able to purchase our home this summer. We looked at tons of homes and always came back to this one....each time telling ourselves we had lost our minds. But...it just 'felt' like home.

The previous owner (a local contractor) and his wife loved antebellum homes and "Gone With the Wind." Much of the inspiration came from "Twelve Oaks"...Ashley Wilkes' home.

The previous owner and his wife built on the home for years, approximately 20, never completing it. They did live in it for about 10 years. The Mrs. passed over about 7 years ago, after 52 years of marriage. The Mr., broken-hearted, put down his hammer and never did anything else on the home. He passed over about 4 years ago. Since that time, the home has been empty. His son inherited the home and said he was 'looking for the right couple' for his parents' home. The son refused several offers. We all feel it was Divine Guidance the way things worked out for this to be our home.

I'll post pics below.

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Our home is on a little over 9 acres. The drive is long...as with Twelve Oaks. There were 12 oaks lining the drive, 6 on each side; but, Hurricane Katrina destroyed three of them.

The style of our home is Greek Revival.

The 'widows walk' is functional. We love to go up at sunset.

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This is the 'before' pic...what the parlor looked like when we purchased our home.

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My honey working on the arches. We are doing as much of the work ourselves as we can. We have hired a man to do trimwork and a millwork man for the fluting on the columns, fireplaces, arches, etc.

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The parlor was the first room we finished. We're trying to do one room at a time.

We're in search for a Victorian parlor set (within our budget). These are the furnishings in the meantime. I am currently working on the window treatments.

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Wow!!! Your home will truly be a labor of love.

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Wow! GWTW is my fave movie...I have collected GWTW for about 15 yrs. You certainly have found your 'place' ...& I am glad that this place can be filled w/love again! Congrats! Beautiful! TFS! Jeanne S.

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You have a gorgeous home that the restorations show a true labor of love.
Please do continue to share with us :).

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I was going to say exactly what fun2bhere said!

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Gail, Your home is a treasure!
I love the burgundy walls behind the shelves next to the fire place.
I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the transformation.
How many rooms are in the house?

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[mouth hanging open in amazement...] Speechless.

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It really is fun....it was for the previous couple and it is for us.
We truly are having fun.
We use the house as an excuse for a lot of trips...going to Natchez, Vicksburg, etc. to look at antebellum homes for ideas.
We always stay in a B&B and pick the brains of the owners.
They all love to share the history, etc. of their homes. Also, trips to buy furniture from the Victorian era.
We do a lot of searching as we are both retired and are determined to stay on a budget.

How fun.
I have always loved GWTW.
I remember my Mom telling me how her school was let out for the day when GWTW came to her small town so those that could afford the 25 cents for admission went to see the movie.
Said her Dad somehow came up with the money for she and her six brothers to attend.
I have the handbook that was given out at that movie.

Thank you very much.
As we make some progress, I would love to share.
We're on a 'pay as we go' as well as 'as we have energy' plan. lol

Thank you very much.

Thank you.
The burgundy has always been a favorite color of ours.
In doing research, I found this was a popular color in the Victorian era.

As far as how many rooms are in the house...

starting on the bottom....there is a cellar that was intended to be a wine cellar (which was never completed). We feel this cellar is amazing because in our 'neck of the woods' there are NO cellars...we live below sea level. How this man did this is still a mystery. ;)

Ground level...foyer, parlor, formal living, kitchen, family room with wet bar and 1/2 bath, grand ball room with two full baths, bedroom with full bath and a study.

Second floor...foyer, two bedrooms each with full baths, and master suite with two full baths.

Third floor...plumbed and wired for three more bedrooms and two fulls baths...not completed. At this point, we don't have any plans on completing this floor.

Top level...widow's walk.

There is also a 'closet' for an elevator that will go from the first floor to the widow's walk. Don't know if we will ever complete this.

The part of the home that is somewhat completed is 6751 square feet.

We feel so blessed with this home.
There is NO WAY we could have afforded such a place.
As I said, we feel it is Divine Guidance.
We have plans to finish to the point that we can have an 'event' center...possible B&B, wanting to be able to share our blessing with others.

lol. Thank you.
My mouth is still hanging open.

I apologize for the length of this. I am just bubbling and don't know when to shut up.


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Gail, your home is amazing. I hope you will continue to
share with us as you finish rooms. I love your parlor room. Using burgundy behind book case shelves really sets those off.

I can see why your just bubbling. I would never b able to
keep up with this size home with my work load. From the size of it, looks like you have alot of choices. So happy for you.


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Gail, it's amazing! You ought to do this topic on the Home Decorating forum too.

I'd love to see a close up picture of your doll.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Decorating Forum

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Thank you very much.
I would love to share pics as we get projects completed.

Thank you.
Thanks for the link to the Home Decorating Forum.
I hadn't visited there before but have now. LOL

I'd be glad to post a pic of my doll...and her sister.


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Stunning!!!! LOVE it!!!

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Marlene Kindred

Holy Cow! What a BEAUTIFUL home! How wonderful for you and your family.....you have done a great job with the parlor as well...totally breathtaking!

I'm with Party.....speechless!

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I agree with Marlene, what a BEAUTIFUL home! I had just read your story about your life three years ago and now this! You have come a long way gal! I am thrilled for you over the house and the happiness you have found. I love love love houses like yours and sure hope you will share more pictures of befores and afters with us. Luvs

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Excuse me. Can I borrow your husband for a couple of months. There's a few projects I need completed.

He's busy??? Oh, well.

The work you've done is beautiful. You can SEE the love you have for the place in every detail.

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Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. Yes, it is a work of love.
I would love to share more pics.

Yep, he is quite busy with honey-dos at the moment.
Not only is my honey good with electricity and power tools, he's a GREAT cook. lol


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Gail, you keep right on bubbling and sharing with us, girl.
The story behind your home, and then how you found it... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as its all so wonderful. I dearly love this sort of thing and it touches my heart and gets me all emotional. (being born in Ala. I have to love GWTW and antebellum homes!)

You are doing such an amazing job at restoring this place and your husband is a treasure himself!
I too had read the post about your life just a few short years ago and I hardly know what to say. Your own transformation is as amazing as your new home.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks so much for your sweet, kind words.

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