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shmealJune 26, 2012

I got an email yesterday from the appliance store we purchased our dishwasher at. They were having a warehouse sale this weekend and had a couple of Viking ovens listed at what seemed to be an unbelievable price. We stopped by and asked if we could take a look at the ovens. They were both discontinued models that had been display models in their showroom. They offered a full warranty and guaranteed they'd work so even though we had been considering purchasing a Bosch 30" single wall oven we ended up getting a Viking 30" single wall oven (DESO530SS) AND a Viking combi-steam convection oven (VCSO244SS), for a hair over $1400 for both ovens.

(hmm, I don't know why they are different sizes, I told TinyPic I wanted them both to be sized for a message board)

While we were sitting there writing up our order the purchasing manager said she'd gotten an email from Vent-a-Hood with a couple of liners they were trying to clearance. Amazingly, one of the liners they offered was exactly the size we needed. So we saved about $500 on that purchase. Because we bought both ovens we didn't end up actually saving much money out of pocket, but we are super excited about this purchase and I am eager to learn how to use the steam oven.

My family doesn't get our enthusiasm for our kitchen purchases ... so I just thought I'd share with GardenWeb instead. It's too late to ask for reviews on Viking ovens since they are now ours. I tried to do a little research before we went in yesterday and there just isn't much out there; especially not on this particular oven. But, we do trust this dealer. They are a family run business and are on the third generation working there. They also have an excellent reputation in town and have been so pleasant to work with.

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Wow, great deal! Congrats. When you see the item you want at a price you like, you have to go for it.

We have a floor model Samsung induction range.

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Have you cooked on it yet? Do you love it? We also ordered a KitchenAid induction cooktop. Unfortunately, they didn't have any floor model induction cooktops to sell us. They laughed when I asked. :)

This is the first time I've been able to convince DH to consider floor models, but once he realized they were covered under warranty (from delivery not purchase) he felt much better about it.

Our house won't be finished until September so it will be a while before we will be using our new kitchen.

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shmeal - Just have to say woohoo! You did great! I don't know anything about Viking ovens, but how can you go wrong at that price? You can afford to get an extended warranty (look for one that covers parts and labor) and still have a bargain. They're really nice looking, too.

I have the 30" Kitchenaid induction cooktop with bridge burner. I love induction, and I like the KA controls and the burner configuration, and it's great that I can have a utensil drawer right underneath, but I should warn you that KA induction is a little noisier than some others. It seems that they regulate the lower temps (up to about 5) by turning the magnets on and off, so you get a low, regular clicking sound, and the pan sizzles higher or lower as the magnets cycle. It also hums or buzzes, but that may be related to my cookware (mostly tramontina tri-ply clad, but also some other types). It's impossible to tell without taking my actual pots to someone else's cooktop to see if they hum. Anyway, it really drove me crazy at the beginning, but I'm used to it now. I'm telling you this in the hope that if you know about it and aren't surprised, you won't be as upset as I was. KA was the best choice for me and it was a great price point - half the price of the Miele I liked. I think they're even cheaper now. As upset as I was about the noises at first, I would probably still choose my KA for all the same reasons that made me choose it before (primarily, the small required clearances allowed it to go where I needed it and it had a bridge burner). I hope you will enjoy yours as well.

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Sounds like you got a good deal and you are happy, that's all that matters. Please follow up with us when they are installed and you are using them so we can see them in their full beauty and in your kitchen!!!

We got our Gaggenau double ovens as a floor model (in pristine condition) with full 5 yr manufacturer warranty at a great price (still pretty expensive, but worth it!), so understand your excitement completely!!! I swoon every time I look at my ovens!

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Ginny20 - I'm so glad to hear from someone who owns a KA induction. I'd read about the buzzing when I was researching induction. We asked the dealer about it and they actually pulled the floor model out of the display, plugged it in for us and boiled some water so we could listen to how noisy it was. Then they turned on the little plug-in unit they warm up their lunches with. That was significantly louder. LOL I was willing to pay a little more for the Bosch induction cooktop, but DH really, really, really wanted the bridge burner which the Bosch didn't offer. And his "Really's" beat out the noise; but at least we are aware of it going in so thanks for making sure because you are right, we would have been disappointed if we hadn't known. He'll be glad to hear that you like the bridge burner.

Clarygrace - I knew GardenWebbers would understand. :) I will give an update once we are in the house and are using them. My daughter and I have a list of things we want to try in the steam oven. I have a feeling that little unit is going to get a better workout than the big one.

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Wow, you were really lucky to be able to see it in real life! When I bought last year, the model was new and no one had one. I ordered it sight unseen. It was wonderful that they demo'd boiling for you. Good store! It's at the lower temps that it clicks, though.

I do like the bridge burner, although I don't use it often. I got a flat-bottomed ferro-magnetic roasting pan at TJ Maxx, and I have made pan gravy. I'm hoping someone will come out with a long non-stick griddle eventually. I periodically check at Marshall's because they get in lots of European cookware, and it's more likely to be induction capable.

The LG has a bridge burner, too.

Enjoy your new appliances!

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Congrats on a great score! I'm happy for you. I have the Bosch induc 30 top and love it and you will love any induction-they are all pretty similar.

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Congrats on some great deals! We replaced all our appliances this year and were able to get floor models - Thermador induction cooktop, Elux convection oven - at roughly half list price. Neither had ever been installed or turned on and both have full manufacturer's warranty. It made a big difference to our budget.


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