Our Gobble Till You Wobble Thanksgiving Table

phonegirlNovember 18, 2012

This will be our Thanksgiving table and buffet for 2012. I set this table thinking of Luvs the whole time. You all know she started the acorn thing!!! She was also my inspiration for the painted tray. Luvs painted and shared hers one the Tole & Decorating forum. I LOVED it! I had the book but had never painted anything in it. I got busy, found a tray and painted one to match hers. She was tickled and so was I.

These soup bowls were a gift from DD. I love them! I went into Tuesday Morning not long ago and came out with my green Bordallo Pinheiro Turkey and Acorn plates! They were 40% off. Still not cheap but I haven't regretted this purchase. I needed plates to go with my new soup bowls.LOL The white plates are Table Mates and also have acorns on them.

This is Luvs matching painted tray. It says 'Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread. I also set out the gold genie bottles and vase from DF. I had picked up this vine for $1 at an estate sale.

href="http://s261.photobucket.com/albums/ii72/phonegirl_photos/?action=viewät=DSCN3582.jpg"; target="_blank">

Close up of other side of buffet. Couldn't resist bringing out and using some of my green acorn Christmas ornaments with is setting.

Found this turkey while out ys this summer for $1. I figured it would be a nice change for my cp. Always an excuse to buy more.haha

The Piligrim and Indian come to share this Thanksgiving with us.

Last here's my Candy shot. I even made it down safely.LOL

It is a beautiful day here, the sun is out for a nice change.

Let us all give Thanks and send more 'HUGS' and 'PRAYERS' Luvs way.


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Yes, thinking of Luvs also, punk ...what a beautiful table you have set & to remind us all of that wonderful tole-painted tray of Luv's that inspired you to do one!!! It is beautiful!

Oh, I am 'green' w/envy of your 'green' Bordallo turkey/acorn plates...so lovely...ever since I've seen Bordallo from purplemoon (bunnies, I think)...anyway, these are gorgeous, punk & love how you've used them in the placesettings! Those pumpkin soup bowls are so cool...many of you Holiday-ers here have shared diff ones...so I guess I have 'orange envy' too! LOL! I am also lovin' the 'script' placemats on top of the placemat & the flatware you chose to use!

Your buffet is lovely w/all the glass & pottery in Fall colors! & that $ vine was a find! Those green acorn ornies are pretty there! Everything looks ready for the 'gobble' ... & 'wobble' day! TFS, punk! & for reminding us of our blessings. Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Great table Punk! LOVE the pumpkin bowls...never seen anything like them before. All of your decor is great, the Pilgrim and Indian, your acorns and your Turkey Plate centerpiece! Your plates are gorgeous and so are your goblets...hope you and your family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!

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Jeanne, the script place mats, napkins and napkin rings are a set. Yeah, lets blame Karen for sharing her bunnies and giving me envy for to many years. I think Candy has some too. Next lets blame Jane for the covered soup bowls. I love her wht ones with the leaves. Funny how we love something new to be on the lookout for tho, right?

Marlene, I hadn't seen the covered pumpkin bowls like these before either. I have another size of these stems too. I tried all 3 on this table but it seemed like over kill and I removed them.

Thanks Jeanne and Marlene for all the sweet comments.


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Punk, Thank you for sharing your table. It is wonderful from every angle.
Love the Candy shot!!
Your new Bordallo plates are perfect with your pumpkin bowls.
The green acorn ornaments look so pretty with the lace napkins.
I really love your flatware. I'd like to find some like it.
Mr. Gobbler is sitting proud I guess he doesn't know whats in store for him. LOL
Your buffet looks very festive too.
I love the tray you painted to match luvs.
I've been thinking about her a lot too.
I'm so sorry she is going through this sad, sad time.


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I enjoyed seeing your table. I'm so happy that I've found this forum as I love seeing all of the creativity of the posters here.

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Your table is perfect! Your great "finds" coupled with some gifts and some already-hads go together so well.

I think maybe you meant to show a close-up of the tray, but it doesn't show on my computer. ANyone else experiencing this? Punk, could you post again. I can see a little of it on the buffet shots.

Also, I am in love with your giant acorn ornaments. Those are super. I see you
used some for napkin rings too. Quite elegant.

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Nana, here's a link to the flatware like mine.http://www.target.com/s/colored_flatware_sets#navigation=true&Nao=32&viewType=dlp_medium&searchTerm=colored_flatware_sets&RatingFacet=0amp;customPrice=false&productsCount=257&isDLP=true Here's a close up of the napkin and acorn ornament. They are cotton with writing on them.

F2BH, I am so glad your here too! It's always fun to have more here sharing the fun.

OA, I was in a hurry when I did this post and had planned on showing the tray close up.
However, I didn't end up with any good pictures of the tray now that it's varnished. Here's the best I have.

The large acorns are from Dillards. I have them in purple also.

Thanks for for looking and the sweet comments. Punk

Here is a link that might be useful: target

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Okay Punk...it's me 'Blame Jane' on the pumpkin bowls!! lol
Honestly, I love yours...Never seen ones with a handle. I like the detail on them and
they go perfectly with your new Bordallo plates - which I'm 'green' over !!
All your acorns and colorful accents besides those neat figures look so nice and really create a lovely
Thanksgiving table. I can't believe you got that Turkey
CP for just $1..what a bargain..and I don't think you need an 'excuse' to buy...hehehe
You did a lovely job on your buffet and the painted tray
inspired by Luvs..is nicely displayed.
Since you're all set up for the big 'Gobble Day'..want to 'Wobble' over here to help me??? lolol
Loved everything you did Punk. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Punk, I am just going to say "Ditto" as the others said it so well. Such a wonderful table.
As you know I love the Bordallo dishes and have the green bunny ones. I wanted a few with the turkeys and acorns, only in the gold, but have never seen any except eBay and too pricey. (and shipping horrible on them as they are such heavy pieces.) I had hoped to get out to Home Goods or Marshalls and maybe luck up on the turkey ones, but never got to go this Fall. Its so neat you found some!!

Thank you for asking for more prayers for Luvs. This week is going to be so difficult for her. But I know she finds comfort in knowing how much we all care.
hugs, Karen

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Your tray is very pretty closeup.
Thanks for the info on the flat ware.
I'll put it on my Christmas list.

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Jane, I would LOVE to 'wobble' over and help you.
Yeah right, you know that turkey cp was a steal.
Check out this tureen I found close by. Matches my
cp so I need it.LOL

Karen, I would help you out with gold turkey plates but
Tues. Morn. only had green in two different patterns. I
can't stop thinking about Luvs and Thanksgiving so close.
Will be a tough day for her. So glad she has DGD to help
her through.

Nana, I was thrilled to see the flatware had come down
so much in price. Hope your a good girl and get some.
I spotted the set of purple but don't really need any more

Thanks ladies for all your sweet comments.


Here is a link that might be useful: Thanksgiving Decor

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Would this be the place to post a picture of my Thanksgiving table?

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Fun2BHere, when you first sign in to Holidays, if you will scroll to the bottom of the page beyond the posts and pages, you will see this same setup. You can name your Subject of Posting and then go down to the message and post pictures of your Thanksgiving table. I don't mind you posting your pictures with mine but you deserve your own post. Does this make sense. If not I'll keep helping until you get it or we can shout out for more help!LOL So happy to have you here with us. I'm excited to c ur Thanksgiving table.


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Thank you, Punk. I thought maybe you might collect all of the poster's table in one thread, but I also didn't want to highjack a thread. Every forum's customs are a little bit different, so I appreciate your help.

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Punk...I'm so glad you showed a close up of your beautiful
tray I love the colors you used. Also love the acorns.
I remember when you used to churn out those painted trays like a 'machine' !
It's got to be hard now working all those hrs - doing tablescapes and try to squeeze in some
painting time!
I'm always amazed over how much you do.

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Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. Gives me great inspiration.

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Fun2bhere, did you see Jeanne's post on back of potty pictures?
We normally all post on that same thread for
a fun change.

Jane, I haven't painted forever. I can't seem to sit
long enough to find a project I can't live w/o. I
thought about painting our help something but don't
think that's going to happen. I think DD might be
getting her new home next week so we'll be moving again.

Gail, I'm so glad you've joined us. You seem to fit right in.
I can't believe how large your home is.

Thanks Ladies, Punk

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Oh goodness! I hadn't taken time to read all the posts on here until tonight. I thought it would be a nice "diversion" to read through and take my mind off how empty my home feels. Thank goodness I have my two sweet Goldens to keep me company.

Punk you are just too much. You really made me feel like this beautiful table was "in my honor". Can't believe you found Bordello plates with turkeys and ACORNS on them! Didn't have any idea there was such a thing! They look really great with your soup bowls, and those really big green acorns. What a neat turkey centerpiece too. I do love our "twin" trays, so pretty with the leaves and acorns and the special verse. Very pretty decor, and please forgive me for beig so late looking at it.

Jeanne, Karen, and Nana, thanks for your thoughts of me as well. I think this is the hardest thing I've ever had to endure, but know that God, time and sweet memories will help fill the emptiness I feel. Hugs, Luvs

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Luvs, glad you found this T & B "in your honor." You
know your 'Our Acorn Queen.' So glad you're here to
join in on the posts. You always have good advise.

I hope your going to be decorating for the Christmas
this year. Our home is a disaster right now. I started my
Christmas decorating and seem to think I need to dig
in every tote and change things up this year.LOL I
better plan on staying home this weekend if possible.


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