icons and print seem smaller on new computer

gogwmosFebruary 8, 2012

I have tried to get a larger icons on my desktop, but the larger they are the more grainy they look. I would sort of like everything a bit larger, but not too large.

My second problem is this box in the middle of my desktop that has a pic of a mailbox with a valentine card coming out of it. How do I get rid of that too?


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Icons...what you've described is (I think) exactly what is supposed to happen.

Second problem...you could try selecting the object with a right-click. You may get a context-menu with an option to delete it. However, if the pic is the result of a program that you installed on the computer, getting rid of the pic does not get rid of the program.

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Maybe I am just getting old and am just used to my HP Mini.

The pic is the result of some program, I just don't know which one, and right clicking doesn't affect it. Thanks though.

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Then you need to go into Control Panel...find the icon which allows you to uninstall a program. It will probably be labeled "PROGRAMS" or something similar. Then determine which program it is and uninstall it. It's probably something that was installed recently.

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