viking oven not receiving gas after catch tray removed/cleaned

Viking_sucksJune 18, 2013

I rent a house which has a viking range/oven. Everything was working fine when I decided to clean the large stainless steel catch tray. I carefully pulled out the grease catch tray directly below the range and above the oven. I saw that wires hang above the tray so I was careful to remove and insert it carefully and gently. After I put the tray back in the oven does not get gas when the knob is turned on.

When the oven is turned on, the red light turns on by the knob but no sound or smell of gas and I do not hear any ignitor attempting to light. Honestly, I don't remember ever hearing the ignitor click when turning on the oven in the past.

When the broiler is turned on the red light beside the knob turns on and the ignitor glows in top of the oven, but again no sound/smell of gas and the broiler burner does not light.

All burners on the stove ignite and work normally.

The repairman wants $200 just to come to the house, plus any labor/parts cost on top of that.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If you're renting the apartment, it's the landlord's responsibility to provide a working range. Tell the landlord the range isn't working and get them to fix it.

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"If you're renting the apartment, it's the landlord's responsibility to provide a working range. "

And then charge the tenant for breaking things.

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I disagree - the tenant was cleaning out a drip tray - if the range stops working, it's not the tenants fault. If it were me, I would simply notify the landlord that the range stopped working and require him to get it fixed. I don't see how the tenant broke the range. Unless the tenant obviously damaged the range, the landlord is required to fix it. Most likely a wire came loose.

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I would first unplug the stove from the power, either unplug it (If it has a plug, or turn off the circuit breaker for it).

Then remove that grease tray again, (carefully).
There may be a gas solenoid for the oven that may have had
the wire pulled off of it when You removed that tray.
(Look for any disconnected wires).

Good luck with it!



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If the failure is due to the tenants actions they pay.

Landlords are not some infinite resource to repair things a tenant breaks.

If the failure is unrelated to the tenant cleaning the tray the repair IS on the landlord.

I have eaten plenty of repairs that i could have charged for over the years since determining the actual cause was not all that easy.

I have also charged for plenty of damage that could be clearly attributed solely to tenant actions.
Like the ones that plugged a sump pump ad wrecked the basement carpet.
Or let their dog destroy every screen in a screened in porch.

I did split the deductible after an oven fire.
I figured that the fire was accident enough to eat some of the cost.

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brickeye - just curious - supposing a tenant ran a self-cleaning cycle on an oven and it burned out the oven. Would you blame them for breaking the oven? I'm glad I'm not a landlord!

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If the tray is made to be removable for cleaning, then it hardly seems negligent to remove it for cleaning. I'd in good conscience omit that part of the story lest the landlord tries to pin it on me.

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