Bosch Dishwasher Door Cables

lonsdajkJune 4, 2014

The cables on my SHX65T55UC dishwasher keep breaking. This causes the door to 'flop' down.' It has been repaired three times since purchased in February. Two sets of new cables were installed and it breaks within two weeks. We have no kids and no dogs climbing on the door to lick dishes.
Anyone else have this problem?

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Something apparently is placing undue stress on the cables. Do they pass over rollers that aren't turning? Misalignment? Custom-paneled door too heavy?

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Never heard of this in 20 + years in the industry.

With multiple occurrences, I'd suspect an alignment problem.

Do you have a factory door on the unit or a custom panel ? What is it made out of and how thick is it , if custom ?

Was the unit new in the box or a close out / scratch and dent ?

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Additional information:
This is a standard door-not custom or heavy.
This was a new dishwasher right out of the box. Not an 'outlet' model.

When the door breaks we find pieces of plastic - looks like wheels or pulleys on the floor. Is this the kind of parts Bosch puts in the dishwahers?

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Time to escalate up the food chain for a new DW.

Don't wait - something is mis aligned and your tech can't figure it out or it is just plain not fixable.

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Although this is not one of the models I am aware of, try calling Bosch because there are a number of models that are having the cables replaced under a rework. Not a safety issue but a better for the customer issue.

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