TEC standard white sanded grout - similar in another brand???

lexmomof3July 25, 2013

The tile I'm using - Susan Jablon MG01 curved milk glass - suggests TEC standard white as the grout. I can't get that locally and it will take about 1 1/2 weeks to order. I can put the tile guy off if needed but I was hoping that there is another brand with the same color since it's just "standard white". I used a bright white (forgot the brand) for a different tile in the bathroom and I know that color is too bright white. Is there anther brand with the same (or very similar) color as TEC standard white? Thanks!

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Need to make a decision pretty quickly if possible. Anyone know if any of the whites from Polyblend or Mapei are similar to TEC "standard white" grout?


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I would call them at Susan Jablon and see if they can recommend something other than the TEC.

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I am considering this tile and would love to know what grout you went with as well as see your backsplash if you have a picture.

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Colors are very much in the eye of the beholder...but I'll bite anyway...

Closest might be Laticrete "Bright White".

Second, maybe Custom's "Bright White".

Notice the trend? lol

I don't think Mapei would be a good match, their white always comes off as yellowish to me.

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