Fridge ? - looking for CD S/S

lawjediJune 10, 2012

Hi all -

I currently have a whirlpool full depth french door. It's ok, nothing spectacular, nothing horrid.

I need a counterdepth fridge. Hubby wants to put our current fridge into the mudroom (just made room for it this weekend) - it will be an overflow fridge and for dh's homebrewing hobby - he'd like to keg. I guess that's why he was so motivated to make room. ;-)

Now he's after me to pick out the new fridge for the kitchen. Space is tight, so counterdepth is a must. I'm not thrilled with the pull out freezer I currently have - hard to organize etc, and since I'll have an extra fridge about 15 ft away, I don't mind limiting myself to a S/S.

I've been trying to pay attention - if I'm looking for a mid-range price, Kitchenaid, LG and Samsung are fairly safe bets, right?

DH and kiddos love the water/ice in door feature. I'd prefer without, but most likely will concede.

any direction y'all could steer me in? thanks!!!

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Hi lawjedi,

I've been doing the same research for the fridge to put in a house I'm about to start remodeling. I want a counter-depth, stainless steel, in-door water and ice, and very low noise because my kitchen is at one end of an open great-room.

So far, the ones that seem most attractive are Samsung and LG. They both have models with all the features I want, they're quiet (according to what I've read here, anyway), and the prices are reasonable. From what I've read, their reliability is fairly good. (Better than most US brands except the super-high-end ones like Sub-Zero, unfortunately.)

So far, I'm leaning toward the Samsung after looking at both of them at a local store. That's mostly because it has a slightly larger ice maker.


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We liked the LG & Samsung too. I liked the Samsung interior setup the best, but I wasn't wild about the tubular handles. Then we found out that there was another version of that fridge--with Kenmore Elite badging. Sure enough, its the same exact fridge, just with different handles and a different brand badge. We've been thrilled with it. Plenty of freezer space (frozen pizza, chicken breasts, hamburger, veggies, rolls, ice cream, etc. It all fits! Love the fridge layout especially with the pull down rack on the door and the wine rack in the fridge (we use it for bottled drinks). I have never had veggies stay so fresh so long--it's amazing!

Anyway, very happy with ours. Sears will usually run sales all summer especially at holidays and with Kenmore items you typically get a a greater percentage off their brands vs. the name brand version. There are several different models right now with the Kenmore Elite badging--Samsung, LG & Whirlpool are the manufacturers.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore Elite Badged Samsung

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thank you -- I'll take a look in person today.

I think I can see the samsung at lowes - if the handles bother me, there is a sears not too far either. Not sure where I can check about the lg.

I like the looks of (online pictures) the counterdepth kitchenaid one, but the reviews are too sparse, too iffy... and I haven't been able to find it locally to see for myself.

THanks once again!

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The Sammy is nice. I think Bosch makes one too. The only thing I don't like about the Sammy is that the drawers are too big for me. They take up half the door space, and I need door shelves more that drawers.


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