Looking for ways to display those HUGE Christmas ornaments

cantgetmynailscleanNovember 29, 2010

A few years back I started buying those huge Christmas ornaments, the ones about 8-12" round. They can be used outdoors but I want them inside! One year I hung them from fishing line from my porch ceiling, and it looked nice, but a little... undone. I want them to 'wow' a little more. I tried putting some greenery sprays used for wreaths on the top, but it wasn't that good. I have mostly round ones in different colors, like silver, purple, blue, red, and some other shaped ones too. Any ideas?

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You might try tying a nice bunch of them together, adding some greenery and a big bow and attaching them to the ceiling like a giant holiday kissing ball.

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At home tours I have seen them attached to garland and strung around windows and doors. I have wanted to do this but not certain how to secure them to the garland so they do not blow of all off.

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I've always admired them when I shop at HLobby...my thoughts were to just "sit" them atop big urns or flower pots on an enclosed porch (or at least sheltered porch). I think they would be cool with some fresh pine greenery tucked under them in the urn. Good luck! Jeanne S.

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Try using some wide candy cane striped ribbon with matching bows to give them some substance.
As far as put bulbs on garland use the green bread ties or the ties that come on a roll from The Dollar Store.

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Great ideas, thanks everyone. I had to go back up in the attic for something else and found a container with even more of them, some are in a lightbulb shape and some are an old fashioned ornament shape. I think I need to get them all together to get a better idea!

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Put them in a large basket, place some greenery among them, and perhaps large pine cones. Use a really big basket that sits on the floor or fireplace hearth. Perhaps in a bay window.

You just gave me an idea. While digging through my storage building for my decorations, I found a couple of pretty red fruit baskets. I could use them!

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I love those huge ornaments too, but haven't tried them yet. I found a couple sites that mention putting some on your mantle and placing votive candles and small ornaments inbetween with some greenery. When lighting the candles, the flames shine on those large ornies.

Here is a display that shows one large ornaments in the middle of a bowl surrounded with smaller ones:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My next door neighbor does rather "contemporary" decorating for Christmas. They use some of those extra large ornaments just laying in the greenery on the mantel and on the hearth. I was really surprised at how nice they looked when I first saw them.

You can also use them out in your yard like a "garden globe" to add some color. You can often find those wide, metal casserole holders or candle holders at the TS to use as a "base" for them. Not sure if you could take the caps off and use them upside down on a dowel or garden stake--the wind might whip them around too much.

If I had them, I think I would just hang them along the front edge of my porch--maybe with some big bright bows at the top.


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Oh, I just remembered something! Remember one year someone on here stacked three of those large ornaments one on top of the other in a big urn to use on each side of their door? Anyone have a saved picture of those? I'll have to look in my saved pics for them. Luvs

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For a couple of years I used them with greens (actually branches from an old artificial tree) and a large illuminated Moravian star on the bench on my front porch.

This year I have them combined with a very long-needled garland and some giant pine cones on the low brick planter that separates my narrow foyer from the living room.

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A couple of years ago I put approx 20 on a false weeping cypress out front. Amazed at how long they stayed on with all the wind from across the harbour that year. Now I have even larger ones, about the size of the large gazing balls.


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Nails...thanks for starting this thread. I have a few large ones and didn't know what I wanted to do with them.

Tuesday, I really like your idea. Tiny lights could even be added in the basket I think. I need to find a big basket now (good excuse to check out my Goodwill huh?)
And my daughter brought me a couple of BIG pinecones from a trip she took last year.

Lovesummer, your planter with them is wonderful. Makes me wish I had one of those outside my front door! I need to put your 2nd photo in our Misc Christmas inspiration album.

hugs, Karen

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Ah, lights--the element that's almost never wrong in any Christmas decoration. I have tons of white-wired icicle lights I'm not using, I think I'll wind one of those through my planter with the giant ornaments, great idea. Thanks, Karen.

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More great ideas, great!! I still haven't brought them down, but now I have some thoughts whirling around in my head as to what to do with them. Thanks everyone!

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