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musicteacherJuly 4, 2013

The consensus is that large tile shower with clear glass doors are the only classy way to do a bathroom, but I have just about decided to forget about what everybody else says and get what is practical for me. I know you are going to think this is not cool or trendy, but could you help me with being practical and pretty even if it is not "in" right now?
I have a small 36inch shower tucked away in a corner that you don't even see unless you try. It has a frosted glass door with lovely corroded gold trim. Right now the tile wraps around the doorway and kind of frames the door like molding. I happen to like privacy in the shower so it is not my goal to open it up. I want to replace my moldy tile with swanstone panels. They have a subway tile one now that looks really convincing. I even want a washable breathable fabric shower curtain instead of a mineral spotted glass door, but would water escape between it and the shower pan? Should I use real subway tile to tile around the shower opening or would it make the Swanstone look more fake? Remember, this is basically invisible part of my bathroom.
The part I really want to focus on is the vanity, possibly with soapstone counters, retro chrome faucets, pretty mirrors and sconces and maybe a chandelier. The bathtub is tucked into a little alcove perpendicular to the vanity and is used maybe 4 times a year. I am toying with (If it is not too expensive) carrying a wainscoting around the walls including the bathtub area. I could use bead-board - maybe the poly kind that is paintable and can get wet, or maybe subway tiles again. Also still deciding whether to retile the floors or keep the dark grey slate look tiles. Definitely going to put in crown molding and taller baseboards. I considered replacing the 74" vanity - especially to get something taller, but what I can afford - even the $1200 ones don't seem near as sturdy as what I have and could repaint. My cabinet doors have rounded panels in them - not the style now, but I really like curves. Still I worry that I will regret putting a beautiful countertop on an old cabinet. Be honest with me I can take it! I think : )

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Can you post some pictures?

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I'm with you on the glass thing. I don't want to squeegee, wipe down, do ANYTHING but leave the shower when I'm done.
I think the shower curtain would need a liner in the interior to keep the water from splashing too much.

Not sure about the tile thing, but could you use narrow cut Swanstone instead? Keep it looking paneled. A picture would really help, here.

The stye you'd like to have for the bath would determine how good (or not) the older vanity would look painted. For instance, if you're going in a cottage direction I think you could pull it off. If you want sleek and modern, not so much.

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Babka NorCal 9b

No squeegee here either. We replaced our framed shower with a frameless in Bamboo patterned glass for privacy.


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I love your shower and glass! What size is your shower and entry the door?

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Babka NorCal 9b

Shower is 3' x 4', with a 12" bench, 26" door and an 8" (+/-) built wall to support the door. We have a sliding door right next to it and we didn't want them to clang into each other.


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Thanks Babka

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