Would this work as a compromise? Speed oven vs. second oven/micro

Kitten1313June 26, 2013

Well we are down to the wire with the appliance decisions. I'm having trouble stomaching the cost of the Wolf 48 inch range, but it is the only thing that has everything we want (two ovens, large built in griddle, nice appearance).

My husband doubts the necessity of a second oven, whereas I feel that it would be silly not to put one in since this is our "dream" kitchen and even if we use it a few times a year (I bet we'll use it more) it's better to have it than not.

Anyhoo, I've been thinking that to reduce costs maybe I would go with an Electrolux Icon range, buy myself a kick a*s griddle and then put in a speed oven. Thereby giving us basically 2 ovens and a microwave in one.

Thoughts? I need to re-read some threads about miele vs. advantium to see what's what, but it seems like it might be the answer to our problems.

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We sure love ours, (Elux Speed oven).
Wife still uses our 30" Electrolux oven quite a bit, but I use the speed oven a lot.

It can Speed cook, regular bake, convection bake, broil, grill, etc.
I guess I'm a bit more modern than the wife, as there are few things that we prepare, except for Holidays, that do not fit in the Elux Speed Oven. And the Mieles and the Advantiums are even bigger inside, and unlike the Elux, they will also broil.

She does use it for taters, sweet taters and yams.
I thought about retraining her to use the speed oven more, but
as long as she happy and turns out good meals, I think I will
"Leave Well enough alone". (Your mileage may vary). (LOL)


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Thanks, Gary. I knew you were a fan and am glad to hear that it really functions as a true oven.

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YW, I see I messed up, though.

The Elux DOES NOT broil, it has a slotted cover over the top heating element. It also serves as my toaster, alto I do have to flip the bread, but it comes out great.


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We have a 36" Blue Star range. We got a speed oven (Miele) for the same reason that you are thinking about getting one. It is our second oven but we use it as our primary oven about half the time because it heats up so quickly. We don't broil in it since we don't broil much generally. We prefer a grill for steaks, etc. but my daughters use the broiler for cheese melts.

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We wanted a cooktop and double wall oven, but got such a great deal on a GE DF range single oven that we needed a second oven and could splurge a bit. Bought an Advantium. I would recommend the bigger sized 240V which in the wall model is 30". We actually use it as our primary oven right now. No need to preheat, all the features, so darn fast. Baking, broiling, really everything except a roaster chicken. It cooked fine, but made a mess inside.

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