Pairing Abbaka roof mounted blower with any vent hood?

auroraborelisJune 26, 2013

I would like to buy the Abbaka roof mounted blower, but I can't afford the premium price for the Abbaka or Modernaire range hoods.

Can I buy any hood that takes an external blower and use the abbaka blower?

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As long as the speed control switch in the hood mates with the blower you should be ok. I believe Abbaka motors are variable speed, and cannot be controlled by a three speed type control.

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Great! Even the viking hood is $1000 less than the same style of modernaire or abbaka hood, and I could really use that $1000 elsewhere! :)

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Did you every buy a hood with the Abbaka blower?

If so, what did you choose...

I'm planning to do the same thing...

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