Kitchen aid to thermadore

fatima11June 18, 2013

This forum has helped me decide so many things so here is my latest dilemma.

My builder is providing kitchen aid appliances as standard. Cooktop, mw, oven, dishwasher and fridge.. We want to upgrade to thermadore. For that we have to pay the difference which comes to around 14k.

Is that a wise upgrade?

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Great question! I just came back from appliance shopping. I have a quote coming on Friday between Kitchen Aid Architectural Series 2 (I think) and Thermador. I love the Thermador induction cooktop. I like the Kitchen Aid dishwasher (quiet) and refrigerator. I need a counter depth refrigerator. I've never even heard of a Thermador refrigerator... I'm here on-line trying to figure this out. The Thermador induction cook top was beautiful, but the Kitchen Aid had a bridge burner. I can only fit a 30 inch. This is for a vacation condo, so space and finishes are important. Everything is so close together. I think it needs to match for the most part. I'm also looking at a 15 inch wine refrigerator at a bar area. Hopefully, we'll get some traction here...

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Is the cooktop induction? Remember that the KA induction clicks as the magnets cycle on and off. thermador doesn't click. You can get used to the clicking, and it is somewhat drowned out by other kitchen noises including cooking sounds, but it is a consideration. I do like the my bridge burner, but I don't use it often.

Also, if the MW is OTR, it would be a wise upgrade to get a hood and put the MW someplace else.

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$14K to upgrade sounds a bit pricey... Thermador is running a promotion whereby if you buy a cooktop and oven, you get a dishwasher, and if you add the fridge, you get a hood (which you did not mention). Which KitchenAid line is being specified? There is quite a difference from one end of the line to the other. For example, Is it a standard depth or built-in fridge? The total package should run you about $16 to $18K MSRP, which makes your upgrade look a bit expensive.

Conventional board wisdom says you should upgrade selectively... like not a microwave. The deal has become quite popular, and I considered it myself.

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