Recommended granite thickness?

jilzhomeMay 31, 2007

Our granite fabricator said if I found 3cm remnants I liked, that I could use those for the same price as 2cm in our bathrooms, etc. Is this a good thing to use 3cm all over the house? I wasn't sure if it would be too bulky or look strange. I read somewhere that a thick granite backsplash might be too much so I thought maybe I should just stick with the 2cm as planned. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

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I would suggest you just choose the stone you like best-- the one that will work best with the colors you love.
I had 2 cm on a kitchen island. It looked just fine. When I decided to put granite on the counters too, I couldn't find a good match. We selected a 3cm for the counters and island, but used the same stone in 2cm for the backsplash that extends from the counter top to the bottom of the upper cabinets. I love the substantial look of the 3cm edges on the counter tops, but the tall matching backsplash is a bit much. In my new house, I'll use 3cm on the counters and island, but may go with a ceramic tile backsplash.

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We just put 3 cm granite in the master bath...and intend to replace the countertops in the kitchen and the other bath with the same.

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I would like to ask a question in your post...Yesterday our granite fabricator called me to tell me that the cabinets were set too low for 3cm granite?!?!?!?! With that being said, do I have my cabinet guy come back out and move the cabinets up .5cm or is there another option?

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2 cm requires a plywood backer and then a way of hiding the edges of the backer. The edges of the stone are usually laminated up to give the appearance of a 4 cm slab.

3 cm can be laid without additional support for counters.

In many cases you are stuck with what is available in your area.

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arkansasgal, As long as the cabinets can support the weight of the stone, I don't understand why the height would matter to the installer. I had a 5' section of my counter that holds the cooktop drop down 5". Also dropped the island cabinet 5".. The same 3 cm granite covers all the sections. Maybe I'm missing something in the question. (I'll post a picture as soon as I figure out how!)

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Emmachas, thank you for your response. I would post a picture here but my job blocks photobucket for some reason.

Ok, here we go. The picture below, look to the right hand side over the cook top. That is exactly what our cabinets look like. The installer is stating that the cabinet guy didnt leave enough room between the upper cabinets and the base to put the granite on top of the base to fit....

I am so so so SUPER proud of myself, I have been reading this forum every day 5 - 6 times a day since December and I am just now figuring out how to post a picture!!!

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If you have cabinets sitting on top of the granite like shown above, then yes, the uppers should be raised in that section to accomodate the 3cm granite. Depending on your overall cabinet design (do you have any staggered heights? or is it all the same height across?), you may have to raise ALL of the upper cabinets. I suppose you could rig something by cutting off a very small part of the lower cabinets, but that would be messy and potentially well as lowering (somewhat) the height of your work area. Did your cabinet installer/maker not take into account the thickness of the granite? This is one reason why everyone in this area sets the cabinets in 2 steps...step 1- base cabinets; then granite templating and setting; then step 2- upper cabinets. This is again just for the times when the uppers sit on the counters. If the installer had this info upfront and it wasn't considered, then they should do the move on their dime.

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Arksansagal - Yeah, because you have your uppers sitting on the granite by the cooktop, that's why you'd need it raised. BTW - Your granite is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it - what color is it? Our cabinets are a cherry nutmeg with brown glaze and I think your granite might go nicely.

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AHHHH. Now I see the problem, arkansasgal. Would it be easier to have the cabinet guy just trim a bit off from the bottom of those 2 upper cabinets that rest on the granite? I have one upper cabinet section, an appliance center, that rests on the granite counter top. There is a nice piece of trim that wraps the bottom where it sits on the granite. The trim is there because that upper cabinet was a bit too short--there was a small gap between the cabinet and the granite. Since the cabinet was supported by the wall not the countertop that worked. Since you have the opposite problem, it looks like the trimming off would be the easiest fix.
You selected gorgeous cabinets! Good luck!

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What stage of the install are you in? If the granite is not in, then the back splashes are not done etc. The cabinet guy could simply raise the cabinet a bit? If the trim is set to the ceiling already, that could cause some redo issues.

I have a hutch sitting on top of a base with granite countertops and the cabinet guy just hung them temporarily at 6 inches over the base until the granite is set. This is a little easier in my case since it is not a vent hood.

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Sorry! I got focused on arkansasgal's delimma and forgot to address your question. I agree with the others, pick the stone you like first but I think 3cm looks fine in a bathroom and it is definitely more durable. You could do an ogee or triple waterfall edge profile to give it some flair. If your installer has a good machine for edging, the ogee profile shouldn't cost more than about $5 per foot and for a bathroom, that is not going to break the bank. The installer doing our house has one of those new high tech machines that cuts and polishes edges automatically. He used to charge $15 a lineal foot for ogee edges and now charges $5.

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Thank you all very much!! I think my DH talked to the cabinet maker and he is going to move the upper cabinets up .5cm :( Thankfully our trim carpenter didnt do that part of the the kitchen yetThe granite in the picture above is actually not the granite that is going to be in our house. The color we are using is called verniz tropical. I will attempt to post a picture of our cabinets in here:

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we have 3cm granite and I think it's beautiful. I love the thickness. it especially looks great with the full bullnose edge we opted to get. we did it in two of our bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen.

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kygirl99, great kitchen! I love your choice of backsplash. Is it a tumbled stone tile? It's such a nice complement for the granite. Is the framed section of backsplash behind the cooktop the same stone, just smaller size? Beautiful job!

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