Mortise bolt/thumb latch on kids' bedroom doors? yay or nay?

threeapplesMay 1, 2012

I "think" we finally decided on our interior door hardware (an unlacquered brass egg and dart knob with matching escutcheon/backplate). We'll do the mortise skeleton key on two rooms only, library and first floor powder room. Anyway, everywhere else will be passage doors or, for bathrooms and, possibly, our children's bedrooms, a mortise bolt. These are very affordable to purchase and install, but my husband is suggesting we shouldn't allow our kids a way to lock their bedroom doors. They are currently toddlers, not sure that's relevant.

And, these mortise bolts/thumb latches, can you somehow deactivate them from the outside in case of emergency?

thanks, everyone!

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We did thumb bolts on all bedrooms and baths. Our hardware (Omnia knobs) didn't come with the privacy option. The only way to lock the door is through a thumb latch. There is a little plate you can pop off the back to unlock them (I asked the same question!)

I debated whether to do it on the children's bedrooms but didn't want to have to add them later. I figured there may be times where they want to lock their doors (getting dressed with visitors/friends in the house) . . . I think it is reasonable to do either though. We plan on being in this house forever and I know when I visit my mom I often lock my door while getting dressed as there is always a child wanting to wander in and who knows where the rest of the household is!

They have locks on their doors now (just turn latches in the knobs) and they don't usually lock them, unless they are trying to get away from their brothers and lock them out (my youngest will do this occasionally!).

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Thanks, athensmom. Have you ever had to pop off the plate to unlock the door from the outside? Does this require a tool? Does it harm the door or latch?

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All good questions. My builder says he thought there was a tool to do it. I haven't seen one. It looks like there must be something though - it is just a little plate you can get your fingernail under but I wouldn't want to do it without the right tool because I would be afraid I would scratch the lock. I am going to figure that out before I move in and put one on the molding above each child's bedroom door . . .

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