Samsung's new 4-door FD model RF32FMQDBSR

fauguyJune 21, 2013

While at Home Depot, I took a look again at the GE Profile and Cafe fridges that I like (which the Profile has the hands-free auto-fill, and the Cafe has the hot water dispenser).

Then I noticed at the very end of the wall was a new Samsung unit, model RF32FMQDBSR. Samsung calls it a 4-door french door, with the top being the fridge, the bottom left the freezer, and the bottom right a flex zone that could be fridge or freezer.

It does look very nice and stylish in person. It's tall (73" in the front 71" in the back). But since it's a standard depth (and not a counter depth) it is 30" deep without the doors, or 37" deep with doors as shown on the specs PDF.

One thing I noticed is that the stainless steel exterior is "coated" and feels smooth, so that it resists fingerprints (similar to the clean-touch coating that Miele uses on their products).

But for me, I'm not sure that I would buy this model.
Right now I have a KitchenAid counter-depth side-by-side that I hate. Mostly because the ice jams, and the left freezer door is right next to a sliding-glass window and doesn't give much room to open the freezer. That's why I was thinking about getting a counter-depth drench door, since the bottom freezer is a drawer that slides out and is easier to get to, even though the top fridge part would still have interfere with the sliding glass door.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Has anyone purchased this refrigerator? It's been on the market for just over 3 months, and I'd love to hear some reviews.


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Just bumping this to the top. Anyone purchase this unit yet? Love/Hate/OK?

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Am seriously considering this as well. Has anyone bought it? Love the recessed handles and the door coating and it seems to get favorable reviews on the store websites. I was going with the ge cafe with the hot H2O dispenser until I read all of the complaints about the noise level. Am hoping this samsung is a quiet one....

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The fridge get great reviews, (until it breaks).

I found a number of posts where the fridge broke and was deemed Not repairable and they were offered a refund alto some posters were still waiting for their money.

It does have a "fairly decent warranty":
One (1) Year Parts and Labor on Refrigerator
5 Years Five (5) Years Parts and Labor on Sealed Refrigeration System Only*
*Compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier, connecting tubing
10 Years Ten (10) Years Parts and Five (5) Years Labor on Digital Inverter Compressor"

Unless we see some posts where those that did busticate were able to be fixed, I would be a "Bit Skeptical".

One might also want to see posts about "Parts availability" (whether the parts were stocked, if not how long to get them) ~~~~etc etc on other Samsung products.


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What kind of ice maker does it have? Does it claim to have 10 lbs of ice in like 12 hours?

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What kind of ice maker does it have? Does it claim to have 10 lbs of ice in like 12 hours?

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We got this fridge back in December. Love it but have had some problems with the ice maker. It kept leaking internally and freezing up. It took the technician 4 trips to finally get it right but apparently it is now a known problem and Samsung has corrected it. And no it does not produce as much ice as they claim but it is adequate for us.

Love the fridge as a whole though. Huge and more than enough room for everything. The only time we had it full was when we had 12 people at our house for Christmas! We use the bottom right hand side as a chiller not a freezer. Store our drinks in there. Love having my Diet Coke come out with slush in it!

The outside does show fingerprints but cleans very easily and does not leave streaks like our Samsung dishwasher.

The fridge is extremely deep so sticks out further than our old one and we had to modify the top cabinets a bit to fit that big boy in there!!!! However, we are building a new house and taking him with us so in the planning we actually made a recessed spot so the fridge would not stick out so far!

They do now have a newer model that is twice the money we paid. I looked at that one and didn't like the setup inside as well as I do the older model. They changed the shelves in the doors and they do not appear to hold as much.

good luck!

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Does it match regular ss appliances?

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I saw this original on display at Home Depot a year ago. It was an interesting concept. But I felt having to doors at the bottom (and the separator between them) would make the total volume of the freezer space less, when compared to a single-width drawer bottom freezer that French Door models have. Now Samsung has 2 newer models this 4-door listed, one has sparkling water and the other does not, but both are over $5K. The main difference between the original and newest model is the overall fridge/fresher volume is bigger, and the inside walls are now stainless to allow better cooling (or so they claim).
But for me, I have a Counter Depth side by side, and have to stay with a counter depth due to the space in the kitchen. The new Samsung 4-door would stick out about 7.5" further.

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Michelle - yes it matches the other Samsung appliances. We have a Samsung range as well and they are a match. Since we are building and getting some new appliances we have been looking at the finishes to ensure that they all go together. So far the fridge also matches the Miele dishwasher and the Sharp microwave drawer that we have purchased. I really do enjoy this fridge. Before we had a side by side which I hated. It is great being able to open both doors and getting extra wide items in without tipping them! We have more than enough room in the bottom freezer. We don't stock up like some would who have large families. So it is a little different for us. Frozen pizza do fit in the freezer FWIW!

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Dacor now has a 4 door model.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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This is the newer Samsung Model.
I wish there was a counter depth version.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If going with GE would go with GE Energy Star refrigerators, green friendly. I am more of Whirlpool, Frigidaire fan these refrigerators have longevity and good warranties and good after warranty service as I found out a while back. I have a Brandsource store near me when my old Inglis refrigerators finally dies not sure why they are hard to find, I will replace it with a Whirlpool or Frigidaire. But ultimately the choice is yours.

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We purchased this fridge about 6 months ago. LOVE IT!!! Gold566's review is very accurate. We use the 4th door as a freezer. DH likes the organization with the drawers in the freezer. Nothing falls out! Tons of room.

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My experience with Samsung side by side with external ice maker has not been positive. Two repairs within 3 years. Hope the build on this model is better.

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Bit the bullet and bought this bad boy! We've recessed the wall 4" so hopefully it won't look like a monstrosity... Thanks for the reviews and will post updates for others when it's up and running.

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I'm also interested in this fridge. We have a large deep freezer and need very little freezer space in our refrigerator. We hate side by sides and don't care about counter depth. We thought about all refrigerator and no freezer, but we do want an icemaker. This seems to fit our needs. Looking forward to more reviews.

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Xtacie, how is the Samsung RF32 refrigerator working out for you? We are considerig this model, too, but have been concerned by a number of complaints about the icemaker/dispenser. If anyone else has had experience with this refrigerator I'd love to get your opinions.

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Hi Gold566, I'm having thevsame issue with my ice maker leaking and freezing up. The repair man has no clue what to do. Any idea what the specific issue is? Thanks

For everyone else, I have the 1st year model and love it, finger print proof, great storage, frig organized well, only thing is filtered water is not as good as bottled or zero filtered water, and no cold cuts drawer on my model.

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