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ilmbgFebruary 20, 2013

Apple replaced my IPad today. Now I need to get my Email accounts.
I did email/contacts/calendars /download 1000 emails.
I have many emails for a work account. I cannot get all of them to download, just 55 of them (I probably have 500). I try to 'push' the emails, but no more show up.
What am I doing wrong? I can't answer the newest emails.

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PKponder TX

I hear this one all the time at work. There is simply not enough storage space for the iPad to download more emails. It's really not designed to be a full sized computer, more of a lightweight portable.

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Really? I thought putting all the files "on the cloud" would prevent not having enough storage. I have been considering a tablet and I thought I had few emails but, with 1400 emails in my Inbox plus more on other folders, I am not going to bother getting a tablet now.

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Luis, I suspect they're describing the native app on the device, which only keeps copies of the most current activity. Mail apps on a smartphone work the same way. There's simply no need to have "everything" on any device with limited space.

You could always use a browser to access "everything" in the server version. Speaking of "everything", do you really need to save and access 1400+ emails?

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