for my online friends as we celebrate another year together

PurplemoonNovember 16, 2010

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Marlene Kindred

Absolutely!!! Thanks Karen....even though we've never met in person, I certainly count you as a friend! Have a great week!

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make that very SPECIAL friends!!! Thanks Karen :^)
Hugs to all of you,

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How very true Karen ((hugs)) - some of my closest friends are internet friends incl my husband - yes we met on a cancer support forum and also on a racing forum - figured meeting on two diverse boards there must be something there :).....


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Forum friends are the best. People can't believe that I don't do facebook, but I'd rather be here. Everyone is sooooo nice and inspirational also. I saw a cute sign the other day that reminded me of my forum friends. "A good friend is like a good bra, they offer plenty of support, make you look good and never let you down"

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LOL, Frou, that's a true one also.

Lynne, how neat you found true love along with good friends online. With you and hubby both discovering one another on cancer and racing forums...well that was sure a "meant to be". ;o) Wishing you both the best always.

This Forum, and Garden Junk, has given me some extremely special friends. And I 'met' my BFF online almost 10 yrs ago thru eBay of all things! She lives in OK, and we discovered we are so much alike that we could have been twins separated at birth. I may never SEE her, but I love her and she means the world to me. She IS my sister, of the heart.
I am not on Facebook or do the twitter thing, and don't want to. I am just happy as heck right here with all of you, and this is my 'other home'. I'd be so lost without you in my life.

hugs, Karen

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I agree with all of the above comments. Keep being asked to join facebook but I'm afraid it would take away from my time on here with all of you. I just love this forum and all the great ideas, finds, decorations, tables,--you name it! Luvs

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This is a wonderful place to come and enjoy friends.

Karen, that is such and cute picture to start this out.

Frou, love it, yep, just like a Bra. That's why we're here.

Thanks Karen for bringing this up. You are all so Special.


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There has to be a name for this type of "therapy"..
oh yeah, I know, "Enablers R Us!"
Thanks, Karen, for sending me to this forum about a yr ago & for starting this post (cute graphic)...learnin' so much & enjoyin' new friends...I'm an "active member!" Jeanne S.

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I saw that captioned picture on the funny cat site, and immediately thought of my online friends.
This one also reminded me of you....

LOL n Hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen, This is Just the lift I needed today!!! I hope we can all continue our online friendship. By the way how did you get my Alvin (the cat) to pose in that first picture? LOL.

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NanaKaren, I'm glad to help you a bit. I hope things get easier for you as I have a feeling you're carrying quite a load.
So Alvin is an orange striped boy, then I hope he's a lot quieter version of my Jazz. LOL (and Jim's Tigger-in-Training).

hugs, Karen

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Speaking of kitty kats - hubby and I want to get two siblings (we have lost two in the last year) but we are waiting till AFTER Christmas. Our DIL is a veterinarian and has her own hospital so can get us rescue cats that will be fixed and have all their shots. Hopefully we don't get 'tree climbers' like our latest little baby


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Karen and everybody!

I agree with everything said. I'm not on Facebook either--just as Luvs and others, I have too much fun on this forum. Everyone is so nice and supportive, when things are right or aren't going too well.

I hope we'll ALL have a good new year and continue to be friends and enablers!

- Magpie

p.s. Lynne, I love your tree-climber! She looks just like my last cat, Pammie (at 17 pounds, it's a good thing she didn't try anything like that!) Karen, you always give me a good laugh with your kitty pictures and Jazz's antics. I hope someday you'll fulfill your dream and make it up here to Oregon...

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LOL at the joke!

But while many people don't understand what are "online" friends, why I do care about persons who live overseas, why I "listen" and take their advice into consideration, why I'm sad when one of them passes away...

I clearly state that friendship is possible through the WWWeb.

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What lovely thoughts and what wonderful friends you all have become to me. And, Karen, I LOVE those pics!!! You know, we have such a good group of posters here. . . everyone is so kind, so helpful and such fun, too!

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Lynne, I love your little grey 'ornament'. LOL. Cats and trees just sort of go together huh? But that is one reason I don't put up a big tree now, I can't imagine the mischief Jazz would get in to. Years past, when kids were at home and I had a big tree, my old cats never ever climbed one. Just lay among the presents and occasionally took lower ornaments off. I'm sure 3 of mine would do that now, but Jazz isn't one of them! My fat cat couldn't get off the ground, and never gets into trouble! Eating is her only exercise in fact.
I get such a kick out of Christmas photos with cats in trees and laying in the middle of a Village! Funny as long as its not mine I guess. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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