Epson scanner problem.

mudlady_gwFebruary 15, 2012

I guess I am too stupid to understand directions in the "Help" section for my Epson printer/scanner CX4200-4800. I spent 2 hours fighting to get some copying done and running out of black ink didn't help my frustration any. I don't give up easily and I finally had success with scanning to a file and then printing. However, I still can't make the scanner work properly as a copier. When I put in any item it is copied and printed, but the size is always reduced. Please--if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, or simply not doing, tell me how to copy at the actual size of the scanned image. Thanks.


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Nancy go here and scroll down to page 7 for full details and a picture of the control panel on your machine. This is a PDF document so you'll need Adobe, Foxit or a similar reader which you no doubt have on your computer anyway.

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OMG! I found the answer on page 8. My printer is in an obscure place and all this time I THOUGHT it was set for "letter size" but it wasn't. I used a flashlight to be absolutely certain I was following directions and discovered the little button was set for 4 x 6, not letter size. I had to crane my neck and use a flashlight to see that the button selector was making the wrong size choice. One of my cats must have stepped on the button and changed the selection. All three cats are fascinated with the Epson so I don't know which to blame. ;-) Thank you for responding and guiding me to the answer to a terribly frustrating problem.

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Ha ha, the cats have obviously found a comfortable and quiet spot to snooze.

Glad you got it sorted out.

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Is THAT what they think they are doing? I loved the videos and have shared them with all who love cats.

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