Guess who has Bluestar?

EurekaChefJune 19, 2013

Check out today's Recipe Lab in the New York Times. Mario Batali is making pizza with his sons, and they're baking them in a Bluestar!

Here's the link (i hope it works):

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Could be "user error" but the URL got me an error message from the Times. I did find an article, but I don't see a reference to bluestar.

(When you're the OP you need to wait until the preview screen to add your link properly for some reason.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Batali but where's bluestar

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omfg i can't believe it!
this is life changing

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Sorry foodonastump. I knew I was doing something wrong. You have the right link. YOu have to watch the video and then you'll see the Bluestar. Thanks for posting the right link!

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That is interesting.

They baked the pizza bread like a tortilla on the Bluestar cooktop, put the toppings on, then put in the oven.

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This kitchen appears in several recipe lab videos. It must be a kitchen used by the NY Times and not Mario Batali's personal kitchen.

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