Best deep woods mosquite repellant for kids to be used regularly?

threeapplesMay 10, 2012

I apologize if this is not the best place to post this, but I have no idea where else to put it. We are building in NE Ohio on a heavily wooded lot of 9 acres with a stream on the front and back of our property. Our children are very much outdoor-lovers and we want them to enjoy being outside as much as they have interest to. Last year our daughter got lyme disease and, thankfully, we treated her seriously and immediately so she is fine, but this caused us to be even more aware of the risks of contracting lyme in this kind of environment. In fact, she contracted it in the very tiny backyard of our current condo, so it's not like she was parading around in the woods. Anyway, my husband suggests deep woods with DEET is the best product for mosquito repellant, but I've heard this is terrible for children. Any thoughts or recommendations? thanks very much

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Avon "Skin so soft" lotion

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AFAIK, Lyme disease is spread by ticks. They are harder to repel than mosquitoes. The heavy-duty sprays with DEET are effective, although I've always wondered about the long-term health effects, especially on children. I'm always cautious about dousing kids in any chemical!

When kids play in a known tick area, the best thing is to establish a daily ritual of inspecting for ticks. Farmers I know do this throughout tick season. Wearing long clothes and spraying the clothes with repellant may help too, and limit exposure to the chemicals.

I've never had much luck with Avon SSS, but others claim success.

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You need the DEET. Just put it on the clothing. There was a time (12-15 yrs ago) that they recommended against DEET products for kids, but if you read now, they want you to use DEET products. They've improved them (reduced the amount of DEET) and nothing is as effective.

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Mosquito repellant will not avert Lyme disease....

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Our property is in the woods too. Even where we are now, my boys spend a lot of time in the woods. In the summer, I check every night for ticks. Deer ticks transmit Lyme disease as you know Threeapples. The babies are the size of a poppyseed and the adults are the size of an Appleseed. As long as you get them off quickly, the chances of getting Lyme disease are slim. thank heaven you got your dd treated early.

With the warm winter we had in the Midwest (my school district in il didn't use one snow day) there will be more deer ticks this yr, so we will have to be even more vigilant.

If you have girls, pull their hair up when they play out--check the scalp each night, the ears, and other folds. My boys are shy, but I check them anyway, even the groin. I use mosquito repellant if my boys are going to be in the woods or playing outside after dusk (with DEET). Just make them shower well each night--which goes without saying with my kids!

Then, of course other concerns that makes mosquito repellant important are West Nile Virus and Encephalitis.

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"Mosquito repellant will not avert Lyme disease...."

To the extent that some also repel ticks it will.

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We live with 30 some acres of woods and wet lands.

Deet won't kill ticks. They will crawl over the treated area to an untreated area. You need Permethrin. It's applied to clothing. It will kill ticks.

Because I'm not an advertiser I would suggest googling it.

The suggestions about hair and a nightly check are excellent. Ticks can survive a hot shower or bath.

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DEET is not intended to kill anything.

It is a repellant.

It also repels ticks

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The shower suggestion is to get the chemicals off of the childs skin, not to kill ticks.

The permethrin on clothes is a good suggestion, but for daily use on a child's clothing, I would be reluctant.

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Permethrin says it will last for six washings. We spray leather boots (not rubber so it will soak in) and sneakers with Perethrin as advised also socks that you can pull up over pants. Also use skin so soft.

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Perethrin is also highly toxic to cats. You should do some research before using it if you have cats in your household.

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