30' Range: Bertazzoni vs. Verona vs. GE Cafe

Tambra399June 3, 2012

I've narrowed down my 30" range choices to the 30' Bertazzoni Master Series (hoping that the temperature guage is helpful!) , the GE Cafe (Single Oven style) or 30" Verona range. It will be located at the end of a corner of the peninsula, which will have drawers), so I need a range that is as close to counter depth as possible. I think I can buy any of them for around the same price (within a few hundred dollars)

I know that the oven in the two Italian ovens are somewhat small, but I live alone, so that shouldn't be a huge issue for me. I have read however, that some people find the oven to cook evenly, while others seem to strongly disagree. For folks who have the range with the the temperature guage, do you find it usefull? I'd love to hear opinions on this range.

Does anyone own a Verona range?

As for the GE Cafe, it seems that many people are quite happy with it, though it seems that there have been issues with the burners. Do you like cooking / baking with it? Is the broiler powerful?

I know that the ranges (at least the Berta and GE Cafe have been discussed quite a bit, but I've seen very little on the Verona.

Which of these three would you buy (all things being equal) and why?

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Any thoughts on which of the three is better? I'm leaning toward the Bertazzoni, but would love to hear your thoughts.

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I'm sort of old-school when it comes to ovens, preferring to learn by experimentation how they perform vs. advertised baking and temp times. After awhile I have a pretty good idea how the oven performs vs. the specs in the recipes and then I just tweak the knob one way or the other. For me, far more important is the evenness of heat it produces so that I do not have to constantly fiddle with baked goods to keep the back sides from burning. So I would not go out of my way to buy an oven with a built-in temperature gauge.

Really - for what you are looking for - I would pick the one that suits your eye and your kitchen. They are all sealed-burner models with similar performance. The Bertazzoni (and perhaps the Verona; you will have to check) uses a spark ignitor for the oven, which is sort of a departure from typical American practice. The advantage is that you can light and run the oven with a match even during a power failure. If you live in a weather impacted region that could be an advantage. I am a huge fan of the Bertas from a design standpoint, but my tastes may not mirror yours.

What I would do if I were you is go shop the models you are contemplating by finding showrooms where the ranges are displayed. Take your tape measure and your largest roasting pan and see how they look in person. Pick the one you like the best.

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When we were planning our kitchen we came down to a very similar decision between the Bertazzoni Masters and the same GE Cafe. We really liked the looks of the Berta, but in the end there were two main issues with it that swayed us to the Cafe:

1) the Berta's lowest oven temp is something like 270, and there's nothing I like more than gently roasting a pork shoulder all day at 200.

2) The Ge's oven is larger, and the wife really enjoys making her enormous turkeys for the holidays.

Still waiting to finish the kitchen to see how the GE works, but feature wise it was a better fit for us. But gosh is that Berta nice looking!

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Tiagosdad is accurate about the temperature in the Bertazzoni oven. The Bertazzoni manual states 285 degrees as the beginning temperature. Not so good. Verona has a new all gas 30" range that you will find very attractive (model Vefsgg304) and two new 30" dual fuel ranges. They have great ovens and very nice cook top. Better power and 2 burners that simmer. One of the dual fuel models has a warming drawer also. I also like the GE but the new Verona's are the superior ranges of the three brands you are considering. Ciao.

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The Bertazzoni I think goes from 275 to 500 degrees, has a pretty small oven, but also I believe most models only have one burner that is high power and most models don't go over something like 12,000 btu.

GE Cafe I think is about the same, has one burner that is like 18,000 or so but the rest are progressively smaller.
Personally I can not stand that and would never buy a stove that has only one burner that goes above 15K BTU, but that's just me, apparently most don't have any problem with that.

Of those 3 I think the Bertazzoni is better made from what I can tell.

Is there any particular reason you have narrowed it down to just those 3?

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