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musicteacherJuly 9, 2013

I have been shopping for new bathroom floor tile and find that I like what I have better than what is in the store. The problem is not the tile, but the grout which is wide and discolored here and there. I wish the grout lines were thinner but I can live with if I could clean the grout up and seal it The grout is darkish grey and has a few white spots on it but won't scrub out. At least not with scrubbing bubbles and a brush. Obviously the last step would be to seal it, but what are my options now? Chisel it out and re-do, file down the few spots and patch with grout (I still have the original grout, but it might not match the been-there-for-a-while grout) "paint it" with grout colorant? My hubby would be so happy if we didn't have to pay for new tile too.

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If you were to regrout or patch, don't use your leftover grout. It only has a certain shelf life so your results (durability and color matching) would most likely disappoint.

A recommendation that many have had excellent results with would be to use a colorant like Aquamix Grout Colorant.

You clean the grout with Aquamix's grout cleaner. Then apply the colorant. It's epoxy-based, so it will be a film-type of colorant over your existing grout. Not a penetrating-type of sealer.

It does work very well for recoloring problematic grout, and being epoxy, it's an excellent sealer as well.

If you want to remove the existing grout, I don't chisel it out. I use a diamond bit either in a dremel-type of tool, or in a multimaster-type of tool. Depends on the situation. You want to remove the exiting grout at least as deep as the grout joint is wide.

Vacuum/clean it out well. Then regrout.

Good luck!

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