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jane__nyFebruary 7, 2014

I just installed Quicken 2014 to try and organize my finances. I am using an XP desktop.

Since I installed, I notice my computer is slower starting up and I've had a few freezes. When I checked Task Manager, I noticed Quicken is running at start-up. Since this is a large program, I don't want it running all the time. I hate these programs which put themselves in start-up.

Usually there is someway, on the program to not allow it in start-up but I can't find anything. I even went to their website and can't find anything. I know I can stop it in Services, but would prefer to do it through the program.

Would prefer to run it manually like my other programs. This one seems hidden. Hoping there is someone else who uses this program and can lead me.

Thanks as always,

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Forgot to mention, I tried Goggling, but the only thing I can find is to use misconfig. The info from Intuit does not address the program automatically starting.


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Jane if you use Ccleaner you can perhaps stop it there.

Open Ccleaner, click Tools on the left side then click Start up.

Look around the various tabs to find your Quicken demon.

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Click Start, click Run, key msconfig in the space, press enter, select Startup tab and unclick Intuit or Quicken whichever shows, click Apply button at bottom, then restart computer. After the restart you will see a screenshot showing that you have messed with the brain. Select ok, or ignore it. and do your thing.

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WinPatrol is a fine addition to any system, and will easily take care of this concern.


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Go to start/run/ type in msconfig/ click and open then up at start up tab take check mark out of the ones you do not want or need during start up, this does not remove them from your programs they are there when you want them.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Is Quicken listed in your "Startup" folder?

"Start" -> "All Programs" -> "Startup"

Here is a link that might be useful: Source

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I second DA on the use of Win Patrol, which will warn you if something wants to start and can also be disabled from startup. It is free, by the way.

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Wow, loads of great tips.

Owbist, I always forget about CCleaner having that tool.

I do use WinPatrol and found it odd that it didn't pop up to warn me when I installed Quicken. I took a look there and it was not listed in their Start-up menu. I looked around and found it listed under 'tasks'. I clicked, 'end task' and that worked.

Then, I went to CC and found it listed in Start-up but it was greyed out so Win Patrol took care of that.

Strangely, it was not listed in my Start-up folder. I knew I could use msconfig but prefer not to use that unless I have to.

I have a lot of space and memory on this computer, yet Quicken really slowed down my start-up. I'm glad to finally be rid of it.

Thanks so much for the great tips. I hope it will help others who find things running without their permission.

You folks are the best. This forum is the best on Garden Web. If any of you have problems growing Orchids, just let me know...I'll personally take care of them for you :-))


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PKponder TX

I'm curious, why didn't you want to use msconfig? It seems so easy and requires no additional software.

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Pk, I've messed things up a couple of times using msconfig. I do use it when I have to but avoid it if I can. Sometimes a program has multiple parts and are listed separately under different names. They aren't always easy to distinguish. If you shut off something wrong, it can really mess up the program. Sometimes something needs 'something else' to work right.

I could go around in circles, trust me, I've messed things up using msconfig. The mess-up is fixable but difficult to figure out what you shut off. But I will use it when I can't find another way.


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Just wanted to update. I wound up using msconfig because nothing else seemed to stop this program from starting. Now its gone!

Thanks for all the great advise,

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