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jane__nyFebruary 14, 2013

You all know me, I've been around forever still having problems and still asking for help.

I have forgotten the log-on password on my hubbys laptop.

I take care of all the maintenance on his computers - he has 3. The laptop is Win 7 which I bought him when his other laptop got infected, a year ago. Thanks to the help here, I got it cleaned up.

I set up the newer laptop last year, putting myself as administrator and giving him limited access. This has worked fine until now. I originally set it up under my log on. I set up a password with the 'hint.' I thought I remembered it but I can't get on under my log on. He does not have a password for logging on.

I hate asking for this type of help because there are too many people who might use the info for the wrong reasons. I would ask if anyone can help me retrieve my password for log-on, to email me personally.

My guess is there is no solution. Trouble is I am administrator and now I can't make any changes on the laptop. I never use it, except for scans or CCleaner, which I always log on under his name. I don't know why I didn't write down the password (I always keep a book), but we were traveling at the time and I guess I thought I'd remember. Strange thing is I know the 'hint' but its not letting me log on. Anyway, I'd appreciate any ideas anyone might have.


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Jane, get a notebook and write these things down when/if you get this sorted out

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Hi jane,

Windows 7 is very difficult to get in. I'll do some research for you and E-Mail any information I come across for you.


Edit---Sent an E-Mail to you....

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