Filling Crystal for Christmas decorations

BoopadabooNovember 16, 2010

I am so glad that Lynn pointed out this forum. I had no idea it existed! I would like to start decorating more for the holidays. One thought I had for Christmas was to order bulk unbreakable ornaments in different colors and to fill all the clear glass I already have set up in this room. Not sure if it is clear from this picture:

(and please ignore the rest of the room :) We are tackling this room next)

DH seems to like multicolored lights, which has lead me to chosing multicolor ornaments, but I really would prefer less colors I think. I just realized in posting that one does not necessarily mean the other. :) Silly me. I wonder if I should just chose 1-2 colors overall for decorations that might work with the colored lights.

Anyone have an other suggestions?

I am off to read more on this forum. So exciting to find a new one. :)

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My choice would be the settle on one or two colors in the jars otherwise it will be way too busy. Your rug seems to have a lot of red in it or is that rust - can't tell from the picture. Red and Gold are very adaptable colors with multi colored lights and also add a sense of formality. Add lots of greens to set of the vases and containers. Just a couple of my ideas - I KNOW others will have great ideas - this is a very talented group of decorators ......


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Thank you! I love the idea of mixing in greenery. I have never done that before. I will be swapping out this rug, but I would like to use the same two colors around the house. I am thinking maybe silver and gold. I think that would work in any room.

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I am so bad about this but WELCOME to our forum - this group not only ROCKS from now till Christmas but continues all year long - the ideas are amazing - keeps you wanting to decorate ALL year. I know you will enjoy it and don't hesitate to offer your own suggestions. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate your place - we LOVE pictures :).....


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Welcome Boo, and what our other Lynne said is spot on! I think your decorations will look great when you get them filled. If you have Dollar Tree in your area, they always have lots of ornament balls that make great fillers and are pretty too!
Be sure you check out our Inspiration Albums, they are set up for every Holiday... but Christmas is the biggie of course. It has lots of sub albums in it to make looking up pictures easier. There is also a cloche and apothecary jar album for ideas. We've got over 1000 photos, so a ton of eye candy and ideas to enjoy.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Inspiration Albums

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Hi there and welcome!!! The room is lovely and everyone gave you great ideas!! I am so glad to see you over here...don't be a stranger, if we don't have a holiday to celebrate, we make one up :^)

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First of all - Welcome to the forum! Second, I love your large apothecary jars! And your entire DR!

There are so many ways to go and so many things to put in apothecaries or other glass or crystal containers. One thing that looks nice at Christmas is to use a strand of the small clear twinkle lights in a glass container along with the balls. I collect art glass balls so have often done it with them but have also used the ordinary Christmas decorations. If you choose silver or gold ornaments you could use multicolored lights if that is what your DH prefers.

The challenge is to choose the colors you like! I've only recently made my decision on that - I *think*, unless I change my mind again. :-D

Adding greenery, either real or faux really adds a lot to vignettes. If you use real be careful it doesn't damage the finish on your sideboard.

What I do when planning my Christmas decor is to make lists of which existing non-seasonal items I want to use, then decide where I will use them and how I will embellish them with Christmas decorations for the season or how I will arrange them with the various decorations I have. Most often I use silver, white, and one or two colors altho I often use gold as well or instead of the silver.

I hope you will post pics of your seasonal decor as I know whatever you do with that gorgeous room will be amazing!

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Welcome, boop or boo (or whichever you prefer)...which lynn sent you over here? lynninnm or lynnencfan? Just want to warn you that you will probably be joining the "Enablers R Us" group here real soon (well, sooner than you will expect, anyway!) LOL!

Your room is lovely & your apothecary jars are looks like wonderful glass bowls on your table. You'll have fun looking here...& purplemoon linked the inspiration album...she does a great job posting so many cool pics from this forum+.

Only thing about lights is "cords" ...ugh ...unless you're buying the battery pack kind. Let us see your creations ...we love pics...& here's the Cloche & Apothecary link from PM. I'm jeannespines (that's jeannes pines) not my spine! LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cloche & apothecary album

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Welcome to the holiday forum. You have such a nice room there, and a nice collection of glass jars. If you take a look at the albums, you will discover that you can use all kinds of things in your jars in addition to ornaments. My favorites are the ones with little scenes in them. Know you will have lots of fun decorating, and be sure to share more pics with us too. Luvs

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You have lots of green and gold in your room...I would suggest you use an apple/lime green color along with gold for the ornaments. You're probably going to use balls to fill the jars, so get two different sizes. The really small ones will help fill in the spaces the large ones leave. You could also use bright (Santa hat) red, but if the colors are more rust the darker red will be a bit more elegant and blend better with the colors in your room. You can find some artificial greenery sprays at Hobby Lobby or Michael's that you can set on top of the buffets and/or table (add a few berry sprays to bring in some of the red)...or you can cut some fresh (just might have to change the fresh once or twice).

Ooh, another idea is you could use artificial fruit...such as lemons, limes, red apples and/or green pears for the dining room. Would be a bit more expensive to buy these though.

And I LOVE that rug...hope you're not getting rid of it when you change your room...

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Welcome, your apothecary jars look wonderful. I'd love to see a close up of your lg ginger jars beside them. Those white bunnies look like some we'd love to see close up

I hope you have a chance to look at the inspiration albums. You will find so many pretty ideas and may inspire you to come up with something totally different. I just filled one last weekend with lg purple balls, added berries on top and a large bow and it looks fine.


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Welcome, I know You will enjoy being part of this forum. I don't have any suggestions, But I can't wait to see what you decide to do. You can spend hours looking through the albums Karen put together for us. I know I do. You are sure to get some great ideas there. Your dining room is lovely.

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Wow - I feel so welcomed. What a lovely group. :) Thank you all so much.

I am really looking forward to decorating. I just never bothered before my son was born and now that he is 18 months I am really looking forward to it. My mother always gave us a card and a little present that was at our place at the table when we would get up in the morning for all holidays (even the small ones) I have such lovely memories of that and I would like my son to have the same, although of course stepped up a notch to at least some decorations for as many holidays as I can swing. I am thinking something in the kitchen, the downstairs powder room, and the DR. We walk though the DR to get to the kitchen so I think it will work out well.

Lynne - thank you for the welcome.

Purplemoon - (love that name!) thank you so much for posting the inspiration albums. I can see I will be lost in time looking at all the great pics.

thank you for the welcome jaybird. :)

luckygal - thank you and it totally makes sense to decide what I should take out from my "regular decor" before deciding what to put in for the holidays. I think I would take out the blue and white items in the DR and that would help make it feel different for Christmas. I of course will post pics once I figure things out.

jeannespines - it was lynninnm that mentioned this forum on Home decoration. Boop is fine, but i will answer to anything. :)I think lights in the garland would be nice, and then you dont have to worry about cords too much. I think it was luckygal that mentioned using fake greenery so you don't have to worry about any damage. I think that makes sense. I do have a bunch of other crystal rose bowls on display too. I have a few from my great grandmother and then added some over the years.

luvstocraft - I hadnt thought of using anything else so I can't wait to see the pics in the albums. Like a whole new treasure trove of decorating magazines. So much fun. :)

bleigh - that is a fabulous idea. I hadn't thought of using the smaller balls to fill in and they are on sale. I really like the idea of lime green. I wonder if that will work with what I have planned (see below, I actually was planning to move that rug to another room, it is a sickness my family has to move rugs around the house!) I really like the idea of the fruit too. they have those "sugared fruits" I think that are traditional.

Phonegirl - thanks - and I love the idea of the bow.

NanaKaren - thank you for the welcome.

I have been looking at bulbs on christmascentral and I just don't know what colors to get.

I have been planning to totally change this room in the next couple of weeks. (see post linked) and I am planning on painting the room orange and putting up black and white etchings. I am not sure what colors to put in a room like that and I am having trouble picturing it. I was thinking maybe blue and gold, but I do really like the idea of silver and gold still. I just hope they show up against the orange walls.

I will keep looking and I am off to view the inspiration pics!

Here is a link that might be useful: home dec post about DR changes to come

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Ah, the colored light/white light dilemma. My DH and I compromised by having white lights on the tree and indoor decorations and colored lights outside. Would yours be OK with colored lights on the tree but white lights elsewhere? I think white lights just work better on garlands, in bowls, etc.

Your apothecaries will look beautiful no matter what colors you choose. The glass or plastic bulbs are often so cheap that you can go with a different look every year. I noticed Target had some nice options in different sizes. I like cobalt blue, lime green, and teal together. A relative did a lot of copper-colored bulbs and other decoration one year and it was breathtaking and different. If you do end up with colored lights, how about all silver bulbs? That might reflect nicely. These days there are a lot more options than just the multicolored lights, you can get all of one color like dark blue, teal green, red, etc. You can also get strings of lights with cords in brown or white, not just green, and with lights spaced more closely together.

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