great deal on tub.....ok, that should be 'steal' not deal. kohler

susiemwJuly 15, 2012

I just have to share this with people who will appreciate this.

Without any preplanning I tore my bathroom (and kitchen) down to studs and now they are both back up to the drywall/greenwall stage.

I've been looking (and looking and looking) for an old claw foot tub that would give some character to my bathroom (9'x ~7').

There was an ad on craigs list last week for a relatively new (~two year old)slipper tub. $500. it looked pretty in the picture but more modern than I was wanting. I'm not enamored of the bright shiney silver feet but I do love a slipper tub.

When I went up to see it I decided what the heck, I'll buy it, I can always sell it if I find something that I like better. The owners had donated it to a church rummage sale and placed it on craigs list. The tub has been used 3 times. Everyone preferred showering. I'm not sure why they didn't just put up a shower with it.

I came home and looked the tub up on Kohler's website. it's their birthday bath. I'm still in shock over the price of this tub. I can't believe this tub.;jsessionid=72B5CEFB86438935ED3129764516FE4B.kohler-prod2-ecom1

I don't think I'll ever get a better "deal" on anything.

Even if I don't absolutely love it, it's certainly going to add some pizazz to my little cottage bathroom.

I knew you guys would appreciate this more than anyone else.


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Check to see if you can find an architectural salvage place in your area. They usually have a lot of old-style claw foot tubs.

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Wow. Steal is right! If you don't like the feet you could use a metallic paint and make them whatever color you want. I agree, they do pop out at you! Congrats on the new tub.

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Nevermind. I was confused. I thought you were saying that you went to buy it, and it had already been sold/donated. I guess you're saying that you bought it at the church rummage sale. Good find.

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Great, did you see that the feet are an extra charge. List for the feet was around $1,700. Of course I don't think anyone ever spends list price for fixtures, this is still a wonderful deal!

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Great deal! Sell it to someone who wants a more modern tub and offer to take their old claw foot off their hands for free.

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Holy moley!!!!!

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great find!! did they include the faucets/ plumbing pieces!?

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Yes, they included the plumbing fixtures as well. It's all set to be installed. I just need to get the pieces necesarry for adding a shower with it. This is my only bathroom at the cottage and while a tub is great, a shower is a necessity!

I did see that the feet were another $1700!! That's insane.

What I think happened is that the owners donated it to the church so they could take the tax donation then it was the church selling it either through their rummage sale or via craigslist. I happened to find it on craigs list and had no idea what I was really looking at.

I had no idea bathtubs could be so insanely expensive. I've never redecorated a house before so I was totally clueless.


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Wow - Congratulations.

I have gotten some great deals before, but you beat any of mine!

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I suspect this will beat any of my previous and future deals!

I can't wait to see it in the bathroom.... so I guesss, I better work on finding flooring fast.


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My Goodness! Now THAT's a sign.

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the word is that the plumbing was hooked up today. I can't wait to see it tomorrow!

working out of town when you have people working on your home is a hard way to learn patience!


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Debbi Branka

Holy Crap!!!

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Bummer, the tub is still sitting out in the yard. They didn't take it in for a dry fitting for the plumbing.
And one of the pipes to the pump is leaking so they need to get that fixed and I still need to find the right flooring.

On the good side, my neighbor saw the tub and was raving over it. She was really impressed. Considering she has to look at it covered with the ugly blue tarp over it, I'm glad she likes the tub!


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