I hate my electrolux wall oven...anyone

deniselieJune 11, 2012

My pretty new oven is making me work harder than any other oven I have owned. Uneven heating, can't clean the racks without taking the whole oven apart--practially...I hate it. Anyone else? Have they made any improvements since I bought 1 1/2 yr ago..and recalls I don't know about?

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If it is heating unevenly I would have someone look at it. I have one and it heats very evenly. Is that true in all the modes?
I must say I don't worry too much about keeping the racks new looking. I wipe them off and clean them with a green scrubber when I run the self clean. I found the racks were much easier to remove than some of the others I tried. It is one of the downsides to the roll out racks is that they are much harder to move around and require the side supports. I have had the oven for a few years and it is pretty easy now to take the rack and supports out. I think some of my ovens before this one had the supports made into the oven walls and no roll out racks so were easier too.

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We've just installed our Electrolux Wave Touch wall oven as of 4 days ago. I've baked two batches of cookies and made a casserole in it so far. It heats evenly top to bottom, side to side, and front to back. I *love* this oven!

I moved the racks around so I could fit 3 cookie sheets in it, then adjusted to get the casserole pot into it. I didn't have any trouble moving the racks at all.

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How do you know if it bakes evenly (or uneven heating)?

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2littlefishes...I use it all the time and it consistently is hotter in the back and sides than the front. My cookies and breads show it.

Thanks everyone, for your input. I will call the place of purchase and see what they say or can do about it. I probably waited too long, but we'll see. I still hate not being able to put foil on the bottom to help protect from spillage,and having to pull the racks (and have to clean them) and side bars out before using the self-cleaning, but so it goes.

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You can't put foil on the bottom, but you can put foil on the rack underneath the one you're using. I sometimes put drippy things like pies right on a cookie sheet covered with foil.

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