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jterrilynnJuly 13, 2014

Hello! Maybe I�m using a wrong search term. Background: I�m remodeling the master bath. The bathroom had a hideous vomit colored roman tub from 1983. Due to budget and area size I�m putting in a white sleeker version of a roman with an incorporated white skirt. The shower is separate in another area. These tubs can be a PITA cleaning as far as reaching goes. Husband does not want a deck mount. The area had a standard setup with a wall spout and above that a single lever hot and cold. I want to keep this pretty simple as far a plumbing goes, can one get a pullout wall mounted tub spout? What do you call them? I want to be able to spray the end and sides for easy cleaning. Any ideas?

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Cross post for info!
ItâÂÂs looking like there is no such thing as a wall mount pull-out spout. I guess what IâÂÂm looking for is a Tub faucet with hand shower set OR Tub mixer with hand shower set?
If you have this set-up could you PLEASE post a picture and tell me what you have and if you like it!

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I have a wall mounted faucet with handset. It has 2 handles and may not be what you are looking for. It might fill slower than a standard tub filler too. Hansgrohe, Axor is the brand. There may be more contemporary styles in Axor, I don't know. Symmons is linked below for deck mounted and hand shower. I like them too.

Hansgrohe Montreux in chrome:

Here is a link that might be useful: Symmons Roman Tub Faucets

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Here is a Symmons tub filler with hand shower and one lever control. This brand is a reliable brand I've read, and often used in schools, etc. There are many design styles of each configuration, it this one doesn't suit you, look at the other designs.

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Enduring, really like your setup! My new (1983) house is sort of a contemporary-ish, transitional eclectic something or another. I found a great deal on Hansgrohe lever sink faucets and want something that will jive. There is a Hansgrohe model similar to your tub filler but with levers that I need to stare at some more.

Boy IâÂÂm a dingbat; once I used your key words âÂÂTub Fillerâ I got all kinds of hits. Just a little flip of the wordage and Presto!

The good news is there are a lot more choices out there than I thought (although not huge). The bad news is that I have never heard of most of the brands. For example: La Torre has some real nice looking stuff at a reasonable price. The few reviews were all good on the product itself but bad that it doesnâÂÂt come with some sort of rough-in valve thingy that is hard to find (I guess).
Next, I came across this wall mount Baril from the fantasy collection that I really like. But who has heard of Baril? Not me! ItâÂÂs only $380 and must be too good to be true. However, here is the site and IâÂÂm almost convinced to give it a try.

Now that I have the right search terms my problem is finding something nice that is not so traditional or overly modern. When I do find something I like it has a name I have never heard of or itâÂÂs something wack from China.

Here is a link that might be useful: Please look here and tell me what you think

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That is a very nice design, but like you, I'd have reservations using something I'd never heard of. I'd want to use a tried and true brand, so that I could rely on the fixture and the rough-in behind the wall. I'd skip the bargains in this case and get known product quality.

Have you seen this website linked below? They have ranked faucets. I think there is a lot of good info on it. I don't see your Baril listed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Faucet Reviews and Ratings

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Enduring, you have been extremely helpful and I really appreciate it!!!
I think IâÂÂm going with the Hansgrohe Axor with the lever handles. The Axor montreux does not seem to have a matching single hole lever basin faucet but as the faucets are in another room I maybe able to use the single hole Axor Uno or the Talis C. The Uno has a open loop lever that doesn't show in picture.

Still deciding on which of these fausets.
Hansgrohe Talis c

Or Handgrohe Axor Uno

I bought this 60 x 42 tub. ItâÂÂs not what I had in mind but it fits the space so I decided to give up the battle with husband. Looks like I may be able to rest my arms on those ledges while soaking so it might not be so bad.

We are buying this toilet. I had no opposition on this pick. Toto Vespin II.

Do you see anything that hurts your eyes (besides the tub as I have to go with that)? Think I can get away with one of those faucet picks? The vanities are in another room.

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I wonder if the Talis C can sit right on the countertop or shallow lip single hole over-mount sink like the Axor Uno one. GRRR another thing to look up! I don't want that mount plate thing.

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