Refrigerator Review / Advice - KA KSCS25FVMS

rdw829June 21, 2012

We're looking at the KA KSCS25FVMS - a S x S which is being discontinued, so we would get the floor model. We were trying to keep our appliance budget in the range of $3k to $3500, so getting the floor model would help us keep the total budget, but get a KA instead of Frigidaire Gallery. Also looking at Bosch. (need fridge, range, OTR MW and DW).

Opinions on this fridge - and what would be a good price for it?

Or should we continue to think about the other two brands I mentioned?

We are in our freezer a lot, and I hate the thought of digging through a bottom freezer, so we have decided to stick with S x S. Currently have an Amana S x S that cane with our house, so prob. about 18 years old (and falling apart). Water / ice in the door is also a feature we'd like to keep.

Opinions / advice greatly welcomed!

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Mix and match brands to get the best value for your money.

KA has the best refrigerator of the three brands you are looking at.

Bosch SxS freestanding refrigerators are made by Daewoo in Mexico. It is a Korean design, the only thing German about it is the name.

The KA KSCS25FVMS new is about $2250. A good condition no scracthes floor model should be in the $1700-$1800 range.

If it has a very obvious scratch in front $1400-$1500.

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Thanks! I have quotes for $2k and $2299 and have been told I need to decide ASAP b/c the floor models will be gone. And now told check or cash only at one place.

Would you look elsewhere?

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Do you have a Sears outlet near you?

They carry this item in the $1300-$2000 range.

$2k is in the box unopened.

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Thanks! I checked Sears Outlet, but the ones that have the model are nowhere near me, and I'm nervous about taking an opened one without being able to check it out personally.

Wondering why the appliance store is representing $2k as such an amazing deal? Also not loving the cash only aspect.

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Do not ever pay cash for anything (even with a debit card). Unless you're talking about a small amount of money - or an illegal substance :). If you get screwed - you will have no easy recourse. A good credit card company can give you a lot of protection. Robyn

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